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A character, of sorts, in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, she(?) doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

This very curious character shows up when player characters Argus, Lillith, etc., encounter Elric Kankaniel, unacknowledged son of the enigmatic and recently deceased Father Egbert (Kankaniel), in Lorenzel. Elric arrives at the inn where the others are staying on the wings of the storm, so to speak, as a massive thunderstorm blows up as he's coming -- and then it turns out that Stormie is the storm, and is sentient enough to be more or less on speaking terms with Elric. This, it is fair to say, strikes Argus and the others as remarkable. As the party explores the curiously movable village of Ramanzel, Stormie puts in a few more appearances, and eventually spirits Elric off to parts unknown, leaving everyone else to face a garden-variety, non-sentient storm on their own.

Elric always refers to his foul-weather friend as female, and has several seemingly one-sided conversations with "her" as the others listen. He's vague about how exactly he came to befriend an animated weather system, but the friendship seems genuine enough. This kind of thing seems to happen around Ramanzel; there is a cryptic reference to one "Woody" who appears to be a comparably sentient spirit associated with the forest around the town -- a forest that, very definitely, is able to do things like move Ramanzel around and provide it with defensive concealment. There have been hints that Stormie and Woody hark back to the days of the dwarves and their defensive systems, but details are lacking.

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