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Argus Cleiviein is a character in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, played by Drannin. Like all Errant Road player characters, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. His basic concept can be found in this thread on the Forum.



Name: Argus Cleiviein

Age: 48

Gender: Male

Occupation: Mage, vagabond, drunk, lech, weird old man

Equipment: Staff.

Appearance: About 5'10 and very thin, almost gaunt... except for the very noticeable beer gut he's been steadily working on. Silver hair, kept short on top but with a long beard he manages to keep clean. Deep gray, almost silver eyes, and a heavily lined face.Wears the tattered remains of a mage's robe, improvised with certain articles that keep it intact, such as stitching, to the Errant Story version of duct-tape. His expression is usually bleary and a little stunned, but turn very piercing when he feels motivated... which is to say, not very often. Overall, Argus used to be a very striking man, but has long since fallen from grace. Imagine a majestic old mansion that has fallen into disrepair, and you get the idea.


Argus used to be somebody. He was noted and well-placed in the society of Tsuirakushiti. However, something happened. No one, aside from those who judged him, know all of the details. Rumors persist, however. One rumor is that Argus was dabbling in forbidden magic of extreme power and things went very, very wrong. Another rumor is that he tried his hand at politics and got screwed over. Perhaps the most lurid one involves his perfecting the magic to animate female underwear. No one really knows, and when asked, Argus just rolls his eyes and bitterly mutters about "those disc-living a******s."

Whatever happened, Argus found himself exile from Tsuirakushiti with nothing more than the clothes on his back and an old staff. Since then, he just wanders from town to town, doing various chores with the magic left to him just to get by. Most of his money gets spent on alcohol and strippers.

Argus gives off the vibe that he just doesn't give a damn anymore. He was once something to be admired, but now he However, the old humor and the sharp mind still lurk underneath all the debris, and heaven help any man who gives him trouble: drunk or not, Argus still has considerable power under his command.

Unfortunately, he normally just uses it to command booze to walk into his open mouth.


As noted, Argus has really let himself go, and no longer command the power he once did. However, he is an absolute master at manipulating nonliving matter, able to reshape it to his needs as long as he his expending mana. He also has fair skill with lightning skills. Finally, when sorely pressed, Argus can be surprisingly skilled with is staff, able to twirl and strike with it like a hurricane. He tends to avoid doing this, though. It tends to throw his back out.

Known Connections


  • Harker: Harker is his familiar, with whom there appears to be a very abrasive relationship.
  • Lillith: Companion with while pursuing the missing Father Egbert, but there's more to it than that. Argus' discovery that he is Lillith's long-lost father, by way of an adolescent indiscretion, has been a major plot driver.
  • Maduin: Companion while cleaning up the mess after Egbert disappears. Their relationship is rocky at first, but when Maduin turns out to have connections to Argus' daughter, things change considerably.
  • Brother Miguel: Assisting in the pursuit of the missing Father Egbert.
  • Sister Rose: Assisting in the pursuit of the missing Father Egbert.
  • Sasha: Companion with while pursuing Father Egbert.


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