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Father Egbert, born Egbert Kankaniel, is a key non-player character in the Errant Road free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, he's not seen in the Poe-verse. Alas, he's no longer with us.

When first encountered, Father Egbert was the assistant Abbot at the mission of the Veracian Church in Kiyoka. His first appearance was in the form of a bat, chasing away a winged, flying cat purportedly descended from a familiar that got loose in town. He's observed by player character Grope, a troll who's lurking on the roof of the mission, for reasons having nothing to do with the Veracian Church. Several other player characters (Lucas Ravanel, Jamie Porter and others) are in the vicinity at the time, but do not interact with Egbert -- yet.

Later, Egbert became important to the story line as he engaged player character Argus Cleiviein in an attempt to determine just what caused the serious structural damage to the mission, and why. (Readers and players know that the mission's back wall was knocked down when Lucas, Jamie and colleagues made a hasty escape from the mission, but the people at the mission don't know that.) Something occurring during the research caused him to be seriously freaked out at the mention of the name "Lucas Ravanel," and he immediately went on the lam, leaving town via a warp gate but inexplicably disappearing on his arrival in Saus. Argus and his assistants at the mission spent many a game "move" trying to locate Egbert and sort out the reasons for his disappearance; there were hints that he's still alive somewhere in Veracia, without any details. He was known to have a sister in Veracia, one Mildred Hamael who lives in the small town of Heamish with her husband Wilbur and two children. However, the Hamaels deny having seen Egbert any time recently. More recently, he turned out to have another, previously unknown sister, Lucy, who commands one of the smuggling ships plying the waters near Lorenzel.

He makes the sad transition from "living" to "living impaired" -- sort of -- during a long, weird encounter at the town of Nautkia. The sight of Sister Rose from the Kiyokan mission sends him over the edge -- literally, as he uses his polymorph powers to change into some manner of beast that bounds over Rose's head and off a cliff, quite deliberately in Rose's horrified opinion. However, there are certain indications that death is not entirely ... final ... in this particular situation. Stay tuned for further developments.

Father Egbert was from the minor "Millenarian" denomination of the Veracian Church. The relationship of this denomination to the more fully developed Orthodox and Reform branches of the Church is uncertain, although certain goings-on in Provatiel suggest that there is considerably more to this denomination than meets the eye.

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