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Lillith is a character in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, played by Sareth. Like all Errant Road player characters, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. Her basic concept can be found in this thread on the Forum.



Name: Lillith

Age: 34

Gender: Female

Occupation: Priestess (in training)

Equipment: Various religious items and implements carried in a backpack, and a goddess charm worn around her neck that would be recognizable to any reasonable expert in "apostate" religions.

Appearance: Brown hair worn long so as to cover the ears. Dark complected, Brown eyes. 5'2". Curvy. Tends to dress in earth tones with long, flowing clothing.



Lillith's mother, Shamhat, was found by a priestess of an animist/sacred feminine religion somewhat outside of Veracian territory as an infant. Her parents were never found, and so the priestess took her in and raised her, training her to become a priestess of her nameless faith. About the time Shamhat turned 30, she was found by a ranger. However, before she could be killed, a half-elf passing through helped Shamhat escape. Knowing that the elves now knew about the presence in that village, the half-elf convinced Shamhat her only hope was to leave permanently, and so he brought her to Santuariel.

Shamhat was welcome in Santuariel, but always viewed as a bit of an oddity. She continued to practice her role as a priestess to the spirits and to the goddess. While no one actively messed with her, her habit of praying to trees and decorating particularly powerful rocks with paper charms and braids tended to get her some odd looks. She was always, therefor, treated as a bit of a kook and eccentric, and kept somewhat marginalized. She did manage to convert a very small fraction of Santuariel to her faith, but those who have joined her are generally viewed as being just as cracked as she is. In spite of this, someone (Shamhat never has revealed who) evidently decided Shamhat was rather interesting, and the priestess became pregnant.

Lillith was the result of that pregnancy. Shamhat gave birth to the girl, and raised her in the same way she herself had been raised. Lillith has been trained up to be an animist priestess, and has shown a considerable knack for communing with the spirits of plant, beast, and element. At 34, Lillith reached an age where it was considered appropriate for her to take a spiritual journey, something her mother had been prevented from doing by the arrival of a ranger. She has thus been sent out into the world to complete this last step to becoming a full priestess.

Unfortunately, she bragged to some friends that as part of her quest she was going to find a spiritual power or weapon that would be able to prevent the elves from ever entering Santuariel. As such, she's been seeking out magical weapons and sites of mystic power from the Priest-Mage War. So far, she's only found one, and discovered just how terrible a task she has taken on.


Lillith is unfortunately reactionary. She was raised to believe that the Veracian Religion is VERY intolerant of outsiders (meaning anyone not human, Veracian, and faithful to Luminosita). In reaction to this she has become almost as intolerant and bigoted as she believes the Veracians to be. Unfortunately, many of the Veracians she met prior to Sister Rose and Brother Miguel only helped to reinforce that negativity. Her own religious beliefs border on the fanatical, and while she knows well enough to not call attention to herself, she's not open to her faith being questioned.

Lillith has had the misfortune of seeing true Errants in the past. As a result, she is hyper sensitive to the risks of them. While she's no killer, she has just as strong a fear of Errants as the elves do, though for different reasons. She recognizes that Errants give half-elves a bad reputation, and provide elves the excuse for their attempts to exterminate half-elves.

She ranges from abrasive and confident to quaking in her boots and frightened of her own shadow. She's out of her comfort zone and it shows. However, there are certain things about which she has a clear confidence, those being exceptional animal handling and a strong connection to the spirit world. She can't do anything flashy or fast, but if given enough time to commune properly with the spirits she can learn just about anything about a given area or event, and create a spiritual maelstrom the likes of which most shaman have nightmares about.

Known Connections


  • Argus: Cautious about. She doesn't think much of people who dismiss the spirit world as explainable through something as plebeian as thaumatology. However, the recent discovery that they are (ahem) related is forcing a certain ... re-evaluation of their relationship.
  • Harker: Despises, and goes out of her way to show it. Familiars are, to her mind, a perversion of the natural. Abominations. She feels no guilt over abusing them, especially knowing that they're virtually indestructible anyway.
  • Brother Miguel: Cautious about. Lillith is positive that the Veracian religion is a collection of racist crusaders out to stamp out any religion that doesn't fit its intolerant paternalistic falsehood. She believes Luminosita is a fake who suppresses the spirits within his realm of influence, and she resents him and his followers for it. Miguel represents all this, and she can tell something about her own beliefs bothers him personally. Yet he seems to be a genuinely nice guy, which leaves her off balance.
  • Sister Rose: Confused by. Sister Rose is a symbol of all that is Veracian Clergy, and is doubly wrong because she's a woman supporting a male-centric religion. But Sister Rose is also genuinely kind and caring, and this does not match up with Lillith's own bigoted views of Veracians.
  • Sasha: Sasha seems to her to have Argus's religious failings without the benefit of his experience or discipline. Further, her actions since being revealed as a half-elf have Lillith convinced she's an Errant, something she's just as afraid of as any elf would be.
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