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A Yuuki staff is a weapon, wielded by battlemages, of unspecified but apparently remarkable potency and effects. Meji's friend Bani Igaaru has been issued one upon joining the military, which impresses Meji greatly when she runs into Bani at the warp gate in Port Lorrel. Meji wants to hold it, and promises not to "accidentally" use it on the cloaked woman nearby (Sarine). (To get a sense of the inevitable "accident" if she does get her hands on it, imagine a soldier with an M16 having a similar encounter with an uninhibited, paranoid 12-year-old who sees the class bully nearby.) Bani, of course, has the good sense not to let this happen.

A mishandled Yuuki staff plays a significant role in the start of the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. However, the unfortunate fate that befalls the young battlemage who wields it there, and is incinerated when he forgets an important point from his basic training, should not be considered canon.

On Earth yuuki is the Japanese word for courage, but of course we know that any similarities between Japan and Tsuiraku are mere tricks of the light and not to be taken seriously.

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