Toshio Igaaru

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Toshio Igaaru

Race: Humans
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2007/07/13 (offstage)


Chapter 28

Chapter 29
09/12, 09/14

Chapter 30
09/24, 09/26, 09/28


Toshio Igaaru, aka Bani's Dad, lives in Tsuirakushiti but spends most of his time in Kiyoka, which is presumably where he was originally from. He is apparently an engineer or its magical equivalent, as he states in his first appearance that his work involves the devices that keep Tsuirakushiti afloat. Not much else is known about him yet, or whether there is any particular reason why he is suddenly back in Tsuirakushiti.

He's only been seen in one arc so far, but he was heard on one previous occasion, when Sarine, Meji, Jon and Sara unexpectedly dropped in on the Igaaru family flat and Sara used her Time-ninja trick to check out the noise in the kitchen -- i.e., him. (Well, wouldn't you scream under those circumstances?)

He introduces himself as "Toshi", but according to Poe, his full name is "Toshio" (see notes below).

Toshio and his wife were having difficulties in their marriage, when eight years ago she passed away from as yet undisclosed causes. He still misses her, despite his opinion that they would have separated if she had lived for a few more years. Sarine thinks this is a very elven thing to say -- so Tsuirakuans are familiar with Aetern Desiderium, too? He still has a photo of his wife prominently displayed in his apartment. In it her skin tone looks different from Tsuirakuans', suggesting that she was the Farrelian member of the household as we've seen that coloration with other Farrelians such as the late Jim.

Poe Notes:|

(From this thread in the new Forum)

Vavrek wrote:Sarine report!:
Still hot.
Hm. Toshi Igaaru, Bani Igaaru. I shall leave the wiki updating to those who know what they're doing, but hooray for names.

If Jon's asleep already, it probably explains why Toshi looks so tired to me. Of course, having a pair of heavily armed scary individuals probably does something similar to the expression.

(Poe) It's Toshio Igaaru actually.

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