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First use: Meji on Jon

Where used

Use cases:
  1. Ian dispels Luminosita.
  2. Sara cancels Paul's Time Magic.

Another of those spells that make life interesting.


This is a general anti-spell spell. The first time we saw it cast (see next section), it was intended to counteract a Charm spell, thereby negating the infatuation that the charmee has with the charmer -- in this case, Jon Amraphel and Sarine Elle, respectively. Presumably it could be used against other persistent spells such as Illusion, Invisibility, and Time Magic Note that the area effected is somewhat localized but to varying degrees but it cancles all magic in the targeted object.

Note that there is an effect tied to a location, not cast by a mage, called Dispel Trap that has similar consequences. (In all likelihood it was originally created by a mage, but he/she doesn't have to hang around for the Dispel Trap to work, in contrast to the Dispel spell itself.) Meji had a bad experience with one en route to the Heretic Knowledge Vault.

Where Used

  1. Used by Meji here to try to rid Jon of the charm that Meji thinks Sarine has placed on him. However, there's no charm, and the spell simply irritates Jon, both emotionally and (apparently) physically.
  2. A quiet, almost sotto voce Dispel by the Anilis-supercharged Ian had a highly spectacular effect on the glowing blob of human-shaped energy operating as Luminosita. Shoes are going to be dropping from this one for a long time, probably.
  3. Used by Sara here to cancel Paul's Time Magic enough for her brother Jon to kill him with a mundane bullet.

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