Captain of the Guard

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Captain of the Guard

Race: Humans
Gender: Male
Introduction: Chapter 29
08/03, 08/06, 08/15, 08/20, 08/22, 09/07, 09/10


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A particular NPC Guard who's the head of the security detail assigned to Jeramel while he's at home in the main temple of the Veracian Church. We don't know his name or rank, and undoubtedly never will, seeing that he's dead and all. Calling him the "captain" of the guard seems reasonable enough.

This worthy makes his appearance when the temple comes under bombardment by the Anilis-possessed Ian. He directs the defenses in Jeramel's inner sanctum, both magical and hack-and-slash but not including the summoning of Luminosita to deal with the intruder, which is arranged (offstage) by someone else. Of course, the defenses don't work, but still, he comes across as a great deal more competent and able than your generic NPC Guard. (To be sure, that isn't saying much.)

Unfortunately, his skill simply gets him offed in a particularly sneaky fashion by the traitorous Sandel, after it looks like he's finally struck a decisive blow in defense of Jeramel and the banished Luminosita by backstabbing the preoccupied Ian -- non-fatally, despite all appearances. (He clearly knows one of the basic rules of magical warfare: where possible, fight dirty.) While engaging in a bit of braggadocio over the prostrate Ian, he absorbs a fatal Force Bolt cast by Sandel, who then decamps with his booty. Sic transit.

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