Force Bolt

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Force Bolt

First use: 2003/02/21

Where used

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One of the many spells used for dealing death and destruction.


A blast of psychokinetic force, usually strong enough to shove someone through a wall, crack building beams, and crack brick walls.

Where Used

This one gets lots of use:

  • Ian uses it repeatedly in his fight with elf military guy Toren. It doesn't inflict the hoped-for violence against Toren's person directly, so Ian blasts a timber underneath a building so that the building falls on him. This does the trick.
  • Ian also flattens Sarine (non-fatally) when she tries to stop him from running off with Meji. This throws Sarine through a wall but otherwise leaves her surprisingly unscathed -- but after all, Sarine is tough.
  • Meji herself uses a possibly-toned-down version to "discipline" Ellis on various occasions, and probably many other times offstage.
  • Meji also uses this, or something like it, to blast Malcolm and James through the roof of a building, when they interrupt their mugging of Chris and start to try the same on her.
  • Sarine also uses it on at least two occasions, first against Melrin in their big combat scene, and then later on her friend Misa, in a fine illustration of the concept of "friendly fire." Fortunately, Misa survives the blast, singed and chastened but not seriously harmed, and their friendship isn't even dented by the episode.
  • This may or may not be the spell that Sara uses in combat with a band of trolls, when she decides that plain old hack-and-slash lacks style. She herself is the target when it's cast by ranger Barin in Miyo Hinadori's apartment. (Of course, she was about to whack him from a time-ninja ambush, so she had it coming.) On this occasion it's followed by something that pins her to the wall, which may be part of the Force Bolt effect or may be something additional.

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