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A term in the language of the trolls, first used here. It apparently corresponds roughly to the elven concept of Errants. (Or is it equivalent to Half Elf? Hard to be sure.)

The chieftess of a particular band of trolls uses this descriptor when the Anilis-possessed Ian Samael drops in, with Anita and Paul, to try to recruit troll allies for his war against the elves. Although Ian casts a translation spell so that he and the humans can talk to the trolls, the term "Marime" doesn't seem to translate, which puzzles him at first. The chieftess explains that the term dates back to the Good Old Days, when (in troll mythology/religion) the Five Great Mothers cursed the elves so that their progeny would rise up and destroy them.

This sounds pretty good to Ian, since that's what he has in mind for the elves, after all. He therefore impetuously claims the title of "Marime," and only then learns that the trolls consider them "destroyers ... creatures of madness and chaos," to be feared and shunned rather than allied with. (This describes Ian pretty well, actually.) They quite sensibly decamp, leaving Ian more or less where he started ... except that there does happen to be one recently deceased troll in the vicinity, which gives him an idea, and a zombified follower.

Stay tuned for more developments as to just what a "Marime" really connotes, but it's clear that it isn't good.

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