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The Eisenfaust are a band of mercenaries, assassins, black-market operators, etc., in the Errant Road free-form role-playing game. As far as is known, they don't exist in the Poe-verse, although Jon Amraphel has observed that such outfits, with one foot in legitimate security work and one foot ... not, are common enough in Farrel. (This elicited predictable sarcasm from Sarine.) The main difference between the Eisenfaust and the outfits that Jon talks about are that the Eisenfaust doesn't just train the guards and bandits, they are the guards and bandits. The same is basically true of their arch-rivals, the Gewehr, at least their Errant Road incarnation.

The Eisenfaust are based in the significant city of Port Lorrel, on the southwest coast of Farrel. It is not clear, however, whether the Eisenfaust actually "rule" Port Lorrel or whether there is some nominal city government that tolerates or even values the Eisenfaust's presence. Their sphere of influence extends a considerable distance into inland Farrel, reaching (but not really permeating) the town of Volkanenborg, scene of a major Errant Road episode. As the Gewehr's headquarters at Kugelheim is just a bit inland of this region, tension between Gewehr and Eisenfaust is a recurrent theme in the game.

The Eisenfaust appear to be somewhat more comfortable with Tsuirakuan magic than the Gewehr. Use of crystal balls for communication and research is widespread, and a few other magical gadgets have appeared in Eisenfaust hands from time to time. For a while, the Eisenfaust employed a "rent-a-mage" named Sherry, but during the Volkanenborg episode, she met an unsavory end ... maybe.

Eisenfaust members in the Errant Road-verse

No player characters have yet been identified as members of the Eisenfaust. However, player character Jamie Porter is, at the minimum, under the Eisenfaust's protection, in exchange for playing a not-entirely-voluntary reconnaissance role for the group courtesy of her unsuspecting ingestion of a certain magical potion or gadget. The alliance isn't completely unnatural, Jamie having at least as major a gripe with the Gewehr as the Eisenfaust does.

The important NPC Elke is a fairly big enchilada in the Eisenfaust power structure. She has a history with Jamie that is part of the Errant Road backstory. For a while she was something of an Item with the mysterious and sinister "Mr. Stagpoole;" it wasn't clear at first whether they really saw each other as anything more than collaborators who doubled as convenient sex toys, but the fact that they got married suggests there was more to it than that. (Collaborators on what? Good question.) Elke has undergone promotion to the same kind of "semi-PC" status that got Sister Rose, longest-running of all Errant Road PCs, started, so there certainly remain shoes to be dropped here.

Other named NPCs from the Eisenfaust drift through from time to time, generally only hanging around for a short while and being found disposable. Elke's lieutenant Annabelle is a surprisingly durable exception to this rule.

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