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The Gewehr in the world of Errant Road occupy a niche not unlike the one they fill in the Poe-verse: a band of mercenaries/assassins, originating in Farrel, who can be contracted for various gigs, particularly those involving rubbing someone out. In Errant Road, the Gewehr are based in the small town of Kugelheim, which has no known equivalent in the main story. As in the main story, they are in the process of expanding into Veracia, and also into Kiyoka, the Poe-verse equivalent of which is not known to be the subject of the Gewehr's attention. The deaths of Gewehr operatives in Veracia that form a key plot line in the main story are just getting going in the Errant Road sequence, which is set a year or so before the events of the main story. The Errant Road-style Powers That Be in the Gewehr don't know yet what's causing these deaths. Things have gone badly for the Gewehr in Kiyoka, and operations there have been discontinued for the time being.

There may -- or may not -- be some structural differences between the Errant Road Gewehr and their Poe-verse counterparts. In the Errant Road-verse, the title "Wraith" is reserved for the most accomplished operatives, and represents an honorific that rank-and-file members of the Gewehr strive to achieve. Whether this is also true of Poe-verse Gewehr members is not known.

In the main story, Jon Amraphel once alluded to the existence of other paramilitary, mercenary "guilds" in Farrel presumably similar to the Gewehr, but none have been named specifically. In the Errant Road-verse, the Gewehr do have a named counterpart (and adversary), the Eisenfaust. Tension between Gewehr and Eisenfaust is a recurrent theme in the role-playing game.

Gewehr members in the Errant Road-verse

Only one Errant Road player character is an avowed member of the Gewehr: Layla Sorensen, AKA Layla Samuels or Andrea Samuels. She's a full Wraith and recent widow, presently in Rinkaiel learning some magic and trying to help set up a new Gewehr operation there. Her husband, Arty Samuels, was also a Wraith, and was killed in a skirmish in Kiyoka.

Non-player characters among the Gewehr include:

  • Ace -- airship pilot, in the process of becoming Layla's new significant other
  • Amos -- low-level (i.e., non-Wraith) operative in Kiyoka, now deceased
  • Arty Samuels -- Wraith in Kiyoka, now deceased; was Layla's husband
  • Barb -- Wraith in Kugelheim, tangles repeatedly with Layla, whom she despises (and vice versa)
  • Charlie -- low-level operative in Kiyoka, now deceased
  • Clem -- low-to-moderate-level operative in Kugelheim, now deceased following an ill-advised attempt to ambush a stagecoach
  • Curley -- low-level operative in Kiyoka, now deceased
  • Faron -- low-level operative in Kugelheim, occasionally called on to escort Layla
  • Faye Sorensen -- upper-but-not-top-management type in Kugelheim, Layla's mother
  • Fred -- low-level operative in Kiyoka, now deceased
  • Fritz -- low-level operative in Rinkaiel, now deceased
  • George -- low-level operative in Kiyoka, now deceased
  • Hoss -- low-level operative in Kugelheim, drives a stagecoach
  • Joe -- advance-party guy in Rinkaiel, Layla's main contact as she goes to study magic there
  • Lefty -- low-level operative in Kiyoka, now deceased
  • Lennie -- low-to-moderate-level operative in Kiyoka, now deceased
  • Louie -- low-level operative in Kiyoka, now deceased
  • Oskar -- mid-level operative, survived the carnage in Kiyoka and is now in Rinkaiel
  • Peter -- part of the governing council of the Gewehr (at least for now), based in Kugelheim
  • Plato -- the Gewehr's specialist in things magical, based in Kugelheim
  • Weed -- low-level operative in Rinkaiel, now deceased

In addition, Poe-verse character Gabriel has put in a cameo appearance, but is not part of the continuing cast. Several other members have been named but have not appeared, while a few nameless Gewehr members have appeared long enough to stop bullets, but not long enough to get names.

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