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Jamie Porter is a character in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, played by Sareth. Like all Errant Road player characters, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. Her basic concept can be found in this thread on the Forum.



Name: Jamie Porter

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Occupation: Independent (read "half assed") assassin

Equipment: 2 dual action Gewehr pistols, 1 single action Gewehr pistol (antique), 4 single shot hold out pistols, 1 shotgun, and 1 long rifle. Also, 1 teddy bear. Yes, a teddy bear.

Appearance: Short blond hair, green eyes. 5'6" with small chest size (think high A or small B). Not the most curvey in the world, but curvy enough she needs bulky, bloomy clothes to ensure no one can tell she's a she.


Jamie was born to Jasmine Porter and Alexandre Porter. Alexandre was a reasonably decently placed and skilled member of the Gewehr, but Jasmine herself was not. Alexandre moved the family to Volkanenborg during an effort to expand operations from Kugelheim. Jamie was thus raised in Volkanenborg. Alexandre was killed (shockingly, his death was accidental, not due to his being Gewehr) when Jamie was only about four, and so she remembers little about her father other than stories. An uncle on her mother's side would come over from Kugelheim for visits, making sure that Jasmine was doing alright (Jasmine elected to stay in her home in Volkanenborg rather than move. She'd been there for several years, had a home that was more or less paid for, friends...) While visiting, it was he that taught Jamie to shoot, and also gave her the belief that assassins were cool. However her mother was less than thrilled at the assassin life, and discouraged Jamie from pursuing such a life.

On her sixteenth birthday Jamie received as a gift the two pistols she has still, a present from her uncle, and soon after was engaged on her first hit at the Beaverloo mine near Volkanenborg. However, shortly after her mother found out and declared she was flat out opposed to her darling girl ever joining the Gewehr, and her uncle stated he would honor that. Jasmine immediately began attempting to get her very... active bisexual daughter to settle down with a young man and start giving her grandchildren. Jamie, decidedly not interested in this, ran away from home shortly there after, finding her way to Kiyoka.

She has since managed to make enemies of both the Ensigerum AND the Gewehr (father's place not withstanding), become a patsy for the Eisenfaust against her will, vandelize a veracian church, send a necromancer enough mixed signals to leave him frustrated and unable to walk straight for the rest of his life, get tossed out of an amusement park, rescue an heiress, and convince her mother to go haring off after her to bring her back and start making grandkids, dammit!


Aggressive and far from feminine. Jamie comes across as a tomboy who is trying to out boy the boys. Possibly this is part of the reason she tends to carefully dress and act in a way that causes confusion as to her gender and use such crude speech. She's also prone to violence, as can be attested to by those who have made the mistake of asking her what her gender is as well as her string of freelance assassination victims. Jamie is far, far from subtle.

She does, however, have a girly side. She enjoys dressing up, dolls, kitties, romance, and attention. But she supresses these things as she doesn't think they're very assassiny.

She's an excellent shot, but has little else in the way of appreciable skills. In fact, aside from killing people noisily and messily in a very public way, she seems to be almost hopeless and clumsy. Especially socially.

A pure bisexual, she has no preference for gender whatsoever. She's also not the dom you'd expect her to be.

Known Connections


  • Elke: Jamie, while still living in Volkanenborg, did Elke (and the Eisenfaust) a favor by killing the mine manager of the Beaverloo Mine before the Ensigerium could instead. Elke is now watching over Jamie under the instructions from the higher ups, who have plans for the petite little time bomb.


  • Arty: Caused the events that led to his death.
  • Faye: Knows about Jamie's connection to the Gewehr.
  • Layla: Jamie precipitated the events that resulted in the death of Layla's husband. Layla knows Jamie was somehow involved in the death of her husband, but the exact role is not clear to her. Has met Jamie several times, but not realized that's who she was dealing with.


  • Ayiee: Lucas' golem. Jamie ogles the blue skinned female-like construct often. Whether that's curiosity about a neat toy, or interest in getting to know carnally no one seems sure of.
  • Boris: Marcus' skeletal... whatever. Boris seems to like to rag on Jamie. Jamie seems to blame Marcus for it.
  • Lucas: Hired him as her guide when she decided to find somewhere to lie low. Has since made a habit of getting into trouble liable to give him grey hair.
  • Grope: Has chatted with a couple times, as well as being rescued by. Grope makes Jamie nervous.
  • Marcus: Marcus and Jamie often pal around together, causing more trouble than really should be legal. In fact, often enough, legal has nothing to do with it. Marcus seems interested in some sort of relationship. Jamie seems to waver between "Dinner will get you everywhere" and "I'll break that hand off if you don't move it NOW."
  • Roger: Roger and Jamie tend to get on quite well, their relationship not quite flirty, and not quite friends, but clearly built on a mutual enjoyment of not quite playing by the rules. He has since left the party, however, so if that was going to go anywhere, it's in the past now.
  • Toivo: Jamie more or less tended to leave Toivo alone, considering the ag agent to be almost an alien species when it came to common ground. However, Toivo's "pet" piece of furnature, Stooly (long story) seemed to find Jamie's leg to be great fun, leading to frequent shouts of "TOIVO! Your pet foot stool is molesting my leg AGAIN!" Toivo has, however, since left the group, taking Stooly with him.


  • Jasmine: Daughter to. Running like hell to avoid, lest she find herself married, barefoot, and pregnant before she knows what hit her.
  • Nera: Adoptive not-quite-mother of, after a small exchange in the tunnels beneath the Malletarian compound left the poor kid an orphan.
  • Selvay: (ELF) Selvay got pistol whipped by Jamie for asking her gender. His motives were not only not pure, but in fact specifically because he wanted to know if she had a lock for his key, ifyouknowwhatImean. He then ran off with her MOTHER for precisely that same purpose, but with no uncertainty about whether she possessed a lock or not.
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