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Port Lorrel is an important locale in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game. Unlike many sites in the game, it does have an equivalent in the Poe-verse, but the Errant Road version shouldn't be considered to have anything in common with that one except the name.

In the Errant Road-verse, Port Lorrel is on the southwestern coast of Farrel, one of the country's closer bits of land to Tsuiraku. It's a fairly large city, at least large enough to have a warp gate, as it does in the Poe-verse. We don't know much about its social structure, except that the official "police," etc., take a back seat in running the place to a typically Farrelian mercenary guild called the Eisenfaust. This outfit, which is in a constant state of conflict with the Gewehr, plays a significant role in many Errant Road goings-on, most of them connected to their big cheese Elke.

Many of the game's player characters travel to Port Lorrel after the unpleasantness in the dock district of Kiyoka, as they try to get away from the tender mercies of the Gewehr there. Resulting events are so, well, eventful as to constitute a distinct thread in the game. Most of what goes on in town, at least from the game's standpoint, happens either at one of the Eisenfaust's hangouts (a warehouse run by Elke and her minions), a restaurant called Geno's, or a second-rate hotel called the World Traveler Inn. Eventually the erstwhile adventurers move on to points north, starting with Volkanenborg and branching out from there. Remarkably enough, all of the buildings in town are still standing when they leave, although some of the people they dealt with ... aren't.

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