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First Appearance: 2007/07/16
Appears In: Chapter 28
07/16, 07/18
Mentioned In: 2007/06/06, 2007/06/29, 2007/07/02, 2007/07/06

Generically, any batch of military types who escort a Very Important Person to let everyone else know how important the VIP is; in the story context, the specific group of elves who accompany Ambassador Rarune to Tsuirakushiti. This honor guard, however, is a bit unusual in that they're not just there for pomp and ceremony. Instead, they're searching for the Anilis-possessed Ian Samael, and are armed to the teeth in case they find him.

This particular honor guard is a curiously motley crew. There are at least two elves in Viradior armor and at least one other wearing the same kind of armor as the elven military unit under the late Toren. In fact, there's one elf wearing head-honcho-type armor that looks quite a bit like Toren's, although Toren probably isn't what's inside it. In addition, there's one sinister-looking fellow in the party wearing austere leather(?) garb instead of armor -- maybe, although not certainly, Peregin Barin, who puts in an appearance later with one of the more conventionally-armored elves along as muscle. There may be other members of the party too.

The existence of honor guards shouldn't be surprising given the elven love of pageantry. In addition to this specific honor guard, Misa indicated here that honor-guard duty is one of those things that the Viradior do in this enlightened, decadent, only occasionally violent age. Misa apparently wasn't in the party that came with Rarune, though.

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