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Light Globe

First use: 2006/05/01

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In essence, a light bulb powered by magic rather than electricity. According to Sarine, the elves make extensive use of them, reasonably enough as their capital city of Praenubilus Astu appears to be underground. When we see Praenubilus Astu, it's illuminated by points of light as one would expect of magical light bulbs, although we don't get close enough to them at that time to see any details. Later, however, we see that the big, outside ones are in fancy fixtures -- magic lampshades, as it were.

Hints of light globes are also visible during Sarine's visit to the Elven Council, and presumably they're the main form of indoor illumination in Praenubilus Astu as well. (Sarine herself, when she's in town, lives in a pad equipped with Magic Windows as their main light source, but a fixture for a light globe in her place is visible here. Well, Sarine's different, we all know that.)

According to Sarine, light globes are relatively fragile. She says the magical energy pulse set off by Ian's conquest of Luminosita (although she doesn't know yet what caused it) is likely to force the elves to change light globes "for the second time in a few hundred years," very much as though a surge of energy through house electrical wiring had fried the light bulbs in a house.

We don't know whether light-globe technology has made it into human territory yet, but odds are good that it has. Certainly in places like Tsuirakushiti, there is evidence of magical lighting, for example in Professor Yukiri's classroom at the Sashi Mu Academy of Thaumaturgy and Conjuration and (in a gaudier way) at the library in town/on campus. Meji (at least when not off adventuring) and her mom live in a place equipped with a light-giving widget (at least for outdoor lighting) that looks very much like a light globe. Interestingly, the Tsuirakushiti light globes seem to have survived the energy pulse; at least the interior of the Igaaru family's apartment doesn't go black when the pulse arrives.

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