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A non-player character in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game. Needless to say, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse, at least that we know of.

This formidable baddie is an elven peregin who adheres to the majority view of elves toward half elves, namely, "Kill 'em all, they're all Errants at heart." She first appears in the Nautkia thread, working as a barmaid in a tavern that doubles as the safe house for one of the several smuggling gangs based in town. However, she doesn't give her name at this point; that only comes later, when she's encountered in Lorenzel. This is in response to a tense conversation with player character Drusia Valis, another peregin whose attitude toward half elves is more ... nuanced ... than Bauti's.

When first encountered, she's snooping on a conversation between a band of smugglers and PC Cithule, whom they're trying to recruit for some manner of murder mission. This encounter passes without incident, but later, she's on hand when PC Lillith blunders into the tavern, under conditions that could very easily lead to one dead half elf (Lillith). Lillith is rescued by magical pandemonium orchestrated by Sister Rose, to Bauti's displeasure, and that's the last we hear of her for a while.

She rears her arrogant (if no doubt finely turned out) head again in Lorenzel when the party spends a couple of nights there after the unpleasantness in Nautkia comes to an end. She's tracking some unfortunate half elf (possibly Cithule, but not Lillith, at least not immediately) when she encounters Drusia, with whom she has a testy exchange of words and thoughts. A while later, the adventurers notice a big explosion somewhere on the far side of the Lorenzel River from Cartish, the small town they've reached after leaving Lorenzel. Harker, who's seen her at work before, has remarked on Bauti's willingness to shed innocent human blood to take out an Errant, and from the looks of it, this explosion is another example of that ... which means she's on the loose again. All manner of merriment to throw her off Lillith's trail ensues as a result. She may or may not have picked up that trail again in Gervasiel; at least Father Amalric, the stiffnecked and military high priest of the temple there, tells Drusia and the other travelers that he diverted some female elf away from the place while the travelers were off gathering up the Artifact of Absonial. This revelation didn't sit entirely well with Drusia, for reasons attributable to certain -- deficiencies in the good Father's social skills, but at least Bauti is somewhere else, which is good.

Personally, Bauti is arrogant even by the high standards of her race. Based on the encounters to date, "scruples" and "qualms" are not words that appear in her vocabulary, certainly not in any self-referential way. She definitely appears to shop on the lesbian side of Sears, a fact that Drusia (who can reasonably be described as "eclectic") exploits in Lorenzel to bring their encounter to an end so that she can start preparing defenses.

All told, this is a pretty nasty character, and we'll probably see (and be offended by) her again, as long as there are half elves among the player characters. The world needs its bad guys, after all, at least in a role-playing sense...

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