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In the universe of Errant Road, Gervasiel is a small-to-medium-sized town somewhere south of Lorenzel. It has been visited by player characters and NPCs in connection with the mysterious "Artifact of Absonial," whatever that is, that was found near there. No corresponding town is known to exist in the Poe-verse.

In most regards, Gervasiel is your basic small town in the Veracian boonies. It has the usual collection of temples, shops, inns, and so on, with no obviously notable features. It's perhaps a bit larger than many such towns, but still much smaller than Lorenzel, let alone the cities of the north. As usual for such places, the main Orthodox Veracian temple appears the main seat of government as well as religion. It's presided over by one Father Amalric, a senior priest with a curiously military bearing who interacts with Sister Rose when she pays a courtesy call on the temple.

The usual cast of characters in the Veracian threads (Argus, Lillith, Drusia, etc.) travel there at the bidding of Sister Rose, who's received instructions from her higher-ups in the Veracian Church (and military) to collect the Artifact of Absonial and take it north for safe storage. Newly-introduced PC Suriah Chase is working in a stable there when the motley crew arrives, and decides to join them as Drusia and Lillith reveal the existence of a sanctuary for half elves somewhere to the north (Snamish). Suriah being a half elf herself, this is understandably appealing to her, not to mention the -- friendship that she strikes up with Drusia.

Various other encounters happen while the group is in town, including Rose getting flattened by a careening cab bearing Argus and Maduin and the mysterious death of "poet" Porpington Bree from an exploding crystal ball. The main action, however, revolves around a sinister Tsuirakuan named Arsoro Kurou, who appears to be in town to at least spy on, and probably purloin, the Artifact of Absonial. Rose and company obviously don't want to let that happen. Stay tuned; many a shoe remains to drop on that one.

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