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A minor NPC in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

This rather smarmy fellow is high priest at the Reformed temple in Nautkia. PCs Argus, Sister Rose, etc., call on him when they come to town in pursuit of the enigmatic Father Egbert, being guided to the temple by Nestor's underling Brother Kelso, who's soon to meet an unfortunate and messy end. He invites them all to a suspiciously opulent dinner, during which there are a number of encounters suggesting that the temple may not be exactly as it appears.

Indeed, it isn't. Events in the Nautkia thread soon demonstrate that the town of Nautkia itself is a hotbed of smugglers and other undesirables, and they've apparently found a way to make the Reformed temple a front for some of their activities. As far as can be told, Nestor himself isn't a part of this unpleasantness, but he's certainly aware of it on some level, and turns a blind eye to what's going on, in exchange for the ... generosity of the townsfolk who make it possible for the temple to enjoy unusual prosperity, at least compared to most temples of minor denominations of the Veracian Church. This doesn't exactly make Nestor an admirable figure in the eyes of Rose or fellow traveler (and fellow Reformed clergy) Brother Miguel, who are of the opinion that the Reformed church should devote its resources to helping the poor, not making themselves rich. However, he's the boss at the temple, and so they have to deal with him as best they can.

In fairness, Nestor is genuinely distressed when reports reach him that Brother Kelso has taken a long walk off a short cliff behind the temple. He also is quite willing to help later when the Veracians and Argus need to get a message upstream to Lorenzel, in connection with a ship captained by Egbert's sister Lucy Kankaniel, and also to help pick up the pieces when the encounter with that ship turns out badly, at least for Egbert. All told, he seems to be another one of those higher-ups (not just in the church but elsewhere) whose heart is in the right place, but who's been co-opted into supporting some things he doesn't like, and goes along to get along.

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