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A weird beast that shows up (in droves) in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. As far as known, they don't exist in the Poe-verse. Basically, a lepivore is a giant, carnivorous rabbit.

Chippy, who's a similarly "enhanced" critter (albeit without the man-eating tendencies of lepivores), provides a lot of background on these things in a monologue to his pal Grope. Lepivores were created by the batty but powerful Saiko Mesuinu for her Mountain of Madness amusement park, along with various other enhanced animals -- Chippy and other chipmunks as animated surveillance systems, giant skunks for security, etc. Unfortunately, the lepivores didn't work out. For one thing, they developed nasty carnivorous habits. For another, they multiplied like, well, rabbits. As a result, west central Farrel is now plagued by packs of these things, mainly making a nuisance among themselves among farmers by taking sheep and such, but every now and then, adding human flesh to their diet. This, it's fair to say, is at odds with the cute and cuddly reputation of their normal-sized cousins.

Lucas, Jamie, etc., run into a pack of these things on their way from Port Lorrel to Volkanenborg. They really don't pose much of a threat to the group, and are dispatched primarily by magical means that can reasonably be described as "colorful." Layla happens to be passing by at the time, and takes one down with a very long-range rifle shot to make a point to her traveling companions, but it's magic that does most of the lepivoricide.

Bits of lepivore meat are consumed on various occasions by the characters after this encounter, so presumably more of them are out there somewhere. Really, they're not worth worrying much about, after the shock value wears off.

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