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A minor NPC in the Errant Road game, where he mainly uses the nickname "Soc." He has said his full name is "difficult to pronounce," so Socrates itself may be an abbreviation or nickname. Whatever his handle, he doesn't appear in the Poe-verse.

"Soc" is a mage of sorts, on contract to the Gewehr to help them develop a magical capability to rival that being set up by their great rival, the Eisenfaust. In this capacity he takes on as a student player-character Layla, who's been found to have magical aptitude, discovered by his colleague (and full Gewehr member) Plato. (Who thinks of these names, anyway?) Layla's aptitude proves so great (if in need of a certain measure of ... discipline ...) that Soc rapidly realizes she needs higher-level instruction, so he sends her off for studies at a laboratory in Rinkaiel run by the Tsuirakuan community in the city. From this, it is fair to say, many threads in Errant Road flow.

Presumably he's still hanging around in Kugelheim, hoping for more magically-adept Gewehr members to come through his door, so we may see him again.

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