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A location in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. If it exists in the Poe-verse, we don't know about it yet.

Rinkaiel, for purposes of the game, is a largish city somewhere on the northern coast of Farrel. It is apparently accessible mainly by sea, the area between the coast and the mid-continent Waldhaxen Channel being rugged and practically uninhabited. There is an airship terminal in town, and the city fathers are known to be thinking about bringing in a warp gate, a fact with some significance in venues far from Rinkaiel itself, as will be seen.

We don't know much about this city yet, although as one of the main venues for play, it'll probably get better known as time passes. It appears to be set up on the usual lines of Farrelian cities, with a nominal city government that has less clout than the mob that really runs the place. In Rinkaiel's case, this mob is the "Seeadler," a shadowy outfit that specialize in seagoing, rather than land-bound, graft, corruption, extortion, protection rackets, and so on. The Seeadler basically call the large shipbuilding district in town their home turf, reasonably enough considering how they make their living. There is also a large Tsuirakuan expatriate community in town, enough to exist in an enclave bearing the incredibly imaginative name "Tsuiraku-town." There are occasional hints that there may be more to this corner of Rinkaiel than meets the eye.

Two very different groups of player characters find themselves in this corner of the world, for very different reasons. Layla and her extended family journey here, for two reasons: so that Layla can get some basic magical education in Tsuiraku-town, and also to help set up a hush-hush, embryonic Gewehr operation in Rinkaiel. (Judging by the Gewehr people they've encountered there so far, they're going to need all the help they can get.) Meanwhile, Jamie, Jasmine, Marcus, etc., also drop in to see if they can talk the Seeadler out of a boat so that they can go deal with a mysterious bunch of bad guys who inhabit the Waldhaxen Channel. On arriving in town the two parties pick up a few other player characters (Kalin, Rice, Zander, maybe others). Well, the more the merrier.

Characters from Rinkaiel

This list covers only named characters "resident" in Rinkaiel, not player characters passing through. All except Jade and Kalin are non-player characters and therefore expendable.

  • Dasuke Kinabalu -- Tsuirakuan expat, started to give Layla mage lessons, recently "Living Impaired" under possibly noteworthy conditions
  • Fritz -- Gewehr low-life of no great significance, recently joined the "Living Impaired" category
  • Gryffyd -- big shot in the Seeadler, possibly not entirely human any more
  • Jade -- Blacksmith, gunsmith and mercenary; player character
  • Joe -- somewhat more capable Gewehr guy, Layla's point of contact in town
  • Kalin -- former Veracian priest; accompanied by his dog Sharo; player character
  • Oskar Tenrael -- another somewhat more capable Gewehr guy, recent arrival from points south
  • Rice -- owner of a food wagon that often feeds -- exotic dishes to other characters; player character
  • Stevo -- another Gewehr low-life, seems to sleep a lot, which is probably just as well
  • Vikor and Sarya -- until recently, residents at a vineyard outside town, bought out by the Sorensens and now on the lam
  • Weed -- another Gewehr low-life, also Living Impaired

In addition, the important, but regrettably deceased, NPC Gordon Grumiel was from Rinkaiel, although he was only seen in Saus before meeting his unfortunate end.

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