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A player character in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game, portrayed by Jack Rothwell. She doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Tamina's basic description can be found in this entry on the Forum, from which much of the following is taken. She's a kobold and hails from the Southern Continent, to which she returns with her friend and rescuer, Jamie, for assorted chaotic adventures.


Name: Tamina Nallaki (surname McDuff when first introduced, but revised to reflect her kobold ancestry)

Age: 13 (about 26 in human years)

Appearance: Yellow eyes, petite features on her face (quite pretty, if cat-girls float your boat) and bedecked by patches of black and white fur on a typically lean, mostly humanoid body. Her extremities are more noticeably animalistic, featuring claws and stubby digits which are the norm on cat-people along with the ears and tail. Dresses in clothing made of animal hides.

Occupation: Hunter/Healer

Background: Being one of the few members in her tribe on the Southern continent to have latent magical ability meant Tamina's path was mapped out pretty clearly for her early on. Her childhood was the typical rough and tumble upbringing of the tribes mixed in with a basic magic education courtesy of the tribe's head healer. Things might've stayed uneventful for the kobold, until her capture by Eisenfaust-associated sailors working for the slave and vices trade. The 'cat girl' found herself stuffed into a cage and transported to Port Lorrel prior to her arrival in the Errant Road story.

Personality: Under normal circumstances she's cheery, vapid, borderline ADD (if the term can be applied to cat-people), far from mean in her intentions but sometimes unmindful of people's feelings. Tamina can exhibit a serious side but generally that's a rare occurrence.

Abilities: Far from an archmage, but certainly a competent healer, Tamina has the agility and hunting abilities typical of her kind. She has difficulty wielding weapons due to the shape of her digits but is not incapable of doing so, longbows usually being the most suitable choice.

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