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Race: Elves
Gender: Female
Introduction: 2008/03/31


Chapter 33
03/31, 04/02, 04/07, 04/14, 04/23, 04/25

Chapter 34
Cover, 06/11, 06/13, 06/20(?), 06/25, 07/09, 07/11, 07/14, 07/16, 07/18, 07/21, 07/25

Chapter 35
08/04, 08/06, 08/08, 08/11, 08/13, 08/15, 08/18, 08/20

Chapter 48
11/29, 12/02, 12/06, 12/09


Commander Nisotta is an elf of some power and importance, first encountered when Sarine, Jon and Sara make an unprecedented visit to the Elven Council. At first it's unclear whether this character is male or female, given his/her fancy armor and androgynous appearance, but eventually we get a hint that she's female.

We don't know enough of the power structure among the elves to know where this commander fits in, but she is important enough to be present when Sarine and the Amraphels address the Council over a little matter of some Errants, the father of one of whom is in the audience and a bit discomfited. The last shoe certainly hasn't dropped here. We also don't know where she ranks compared to Yenhael, who was "High Commander" of the elven military the last time Sarine condescended to notice such things. Yenhael is also consulted as the elves try to figure out what to do about the hostage standoff involving Meji Hinadori and Barin. Stay tuned; we're probably going to learn more about this one soon.

Deliberations in the Council chambers, however, are interrupted when Ian and his divine passenger arrive to bust Meji out of the slammer. At this point Nisotta takes command of the improvised military force trying to do something about Ian's attack, and diplomatic niceties go right out the window. Here, too, the last shoe surely has not dropped.

Note that the extended combat scene in Chapter 34 is so messy and chaotic that the "Appearances" table in this article may be mildly inaccurate; some of the elves in commander's garb may not be Nisotta, and she may have gone unnoticed in the big kabooms that fill this chapter. Anyway, she's in on most of the action there.

Unfortunately, the rollover text on this episode suggests that Nisotta may have joined the ranks of the Living Impaired at the final battle with Ianilis, courtesy of a monk with a similar hairstyle. This is very sad; the Errant World needs all the sensible elves it can get.

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