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A non-player character in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

This fellow, who goes by either "Brother Elgin" or "Lieutenant Bindiel" depending on what hat he's wearing, is an inhabitant of the castle at Provatiel. He seems to do double duty as a military commander -- in what military seems to be an interesting question -- and a religious leader in the Millenarian Church, which is big in Provatiel and remarkably, one would say suspiciously, well integrated with the army outpost there. Argus, Lillith, Sister Rose, etc., encounter him first in his military role, as he receives a dump on the weirdness that broke out when the party of adventurers passed through Centoriel.

One of his several ... interesting ... characteristics is that he's apparently polygamous. Rose and Lillith have a brief encounter at the castle with his third(!) wife, Carly, who turns out to have roots in Ramanzel -- a town of some significance, as it's also the home town of the mysteriously deceased Father Egbert, whom the group were pursuing until his unfortunate and unsettling demise. Wives number one and two haven't appeared in Errant Road, but there are dark rumblings that he may have acquired another wife recently: Annie, who's important because he (maybe) seduced her away from Rose's cousin Brad, to whom she was married. This, needless to say, didn't do Brad's frame of mind any good. When Brad sees this pair at a distance in Gervasiel, he just about blows a fuse, only to be calmed down by his new love, PC Lillith.

There are reasons to suspect we may see more of this fellow, so stay tuned.

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