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The Gewehr Wraiths are a guild of mercenaries. They originally operated only within Farrel, but are expanding into Veracia, with the assassination of Connel. This action has drawn extremely hostile attention from the Ensigerum, who have decided to eradicate them, as mentioned here.

"Gewehr" is German for Rifle.


So far they have displayed a proficiency in firearms, and maybe even a preference for them (shown here, where a knife or dagger would've been arguably a more efficient and silent way of killing). More than likely, they are heavily trained to use and maintain projectile weapons, giving them an advantage over other assassination/mercenary organizations using more "traditional" or "primitive" weaponry. However, we know from Jon's bit of male bonding with Ian Samael that they're not bad at hand-to-hand combat either. Jon has indicated that they know something about magic, whether or not they're practitioners.

They seem to act as single units, or small teams, one covering short range, the other long range.


Other members have appeared from time to time, but haven't been named yet. Jon has alluded to a body of "elders" who make the strategy decisions for the Gewehr, but they haven't put in an appearance yet either, unless Gabriel is one of them (likely).

Errant Road

The Gewehr also exists in the Errant Road free-form, on-line role-playing game derived from Errant Story. For details, see ER:Gewehr.

Poe Notes:|
  1. Um... yeah, it's pretty obvious that, before being awkwardly wedged into ES, the Gewehr were originally created for a story I was planning about a group of samurai in feudal Japan who encountered firearms for the first time and immediately decide to adopt them as their favored weapons in place of the katana, causing them to be shunned by the rest of Japanese society and eventually degrading into a group of ninja like mercenaries.


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