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In the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, Saus is a significant venue for player-character activities. As in the Poe-verse, the Errant Road version of Saus is a fairly large city in Veracia that serves as the one place in the country that the rather xenophobic Veracian Church allows to interact commercially with the outside world. It is the site of a warp gate that has been important in the development of the Errant Road plot lines, and is served by airship as well.

The Errant Road version of the Veracian Church is broken into several "denominations," at least three of which are known to have temples or church complexes in Saus: the "orthodox" branch (which also functions as the city's seat of government), a "Reformed" branch that becomes the base of operations when player character Argus Cleiviein and NPC Brother Miguel come visiting, and a "Millenarian" temple, whatever that is. The Millenarian temple housed the Veracian Church's genealogical records, which were badly damaged in a fire significant in plot development.

As with its parallel city Kiyoka, relatively little is known of Saus in the Poe-verse, so that most of its characteristics in the world of Errant Road are embellishments that should not be considered "canon."

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