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Half Elves are part elf and part human, combining the best and worst traits of both races. They live longer (and mature more slowly) than humans do. Originally, the term applied only to direct offspring from an elf and a human, but the meaning changed when half elves themselves began to reproduce with each other and other elves.

While it is not explicitly mentioned, it is sufficiently implied to be taken as fact that all half-elves are mortal. They all gain the mortality of their human ancestors. All such human-mortal elven offspring are considered half-elves.


The genetic merging of elf and human doesn't always produce perfect results and sometimes there are aberrations. These are called Errants, a less than perfect genetic merger that results in offspring with congenital birth defects that range from sterility and physical infirmity to psychosis. While the physical aberrations are obvious and relatively blatant, the mental aberrations are somewhat less so and their onset can come without warning or they can manifest themselves in extremely subtle ways.

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There is no precise age curve for half elves, as they are a particularly... unstable race with a wide range of variations.
On average, a Half elf reaches maturity somewhere between 25-30 years of age.
The average lifespan (not factoring in the considerable numbers who die earlier due to illness or congenital problem) is around 225-300 years
Gestation period is approximately one year if the mother is elven or half elven. Nine months to a full year for a human mother. (a rather high risk of premature birth)
The age for puberty to kick in is all over the map and thus really not something that can be averaged well.
The half elf menstruation is generally five days every three months.

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