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A minor NPC in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Edith is an elderly shopkeeper in the small town of Cartish, which PCs Argus, Lillith, Sister Rose, etc., visit on the way south to retrieve the Artifact of Absonial, whatever that is. She first comes to Rose's attention as Rose and the others are paying their respects at a memorial on the edge of town honoring the late Brother Carter, a distinguished son of the town and martyr of the Veracian Church. Edith proves to be the late Brother's aunt, attracting Rose's interest because of connections between Carter, Rose's colleague Brother Miguel, and possibly, the mysteriously deceased Father Egbert.

When the group visits Edith's grocery, she is generally a gracious host, but reveals a surprising prejudice against half elves. This doesn't sit well with Lillith, for obvious reasons, even though the half-elf girl has concealed her appearance for the moment and Edith doesn't directly recognize her as part of the race that she dislikes. The prejudice is all the more puzzling in that, while Edith doesn't care much for elves and has negative things to say about the nasty peregin Bauti who has been stalking the party, she does not seem to have negative feelings about trolls -- quite the contrary, she employs one as a most unexpected handyman at the store.

The party takes their leave of Edith, and of Cartish, after they learn some things about their next destination, Salticiel, and a priest there whom Edith mentions. She probably won't appear again in Errant Road unless the group's peregrinations take them back through Cartish, which is rather out of the way from anywhere to anywhere else. Then again, stranger things have happened ...

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