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In the world of the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game, a small town in Veracia, extremely important for a number of the game's activities. Needless to say, it doesn't exist in the Poe-verse that we know of, although it has certain parallels to the town of Santuariel there (but seems like a considerably more pleasant place to live).

The thing that makes this little place notable, and also makes it resemble Santuariel, is that it's a quiet haven for half elves to avoid detection and execution by elven rangers who are committed to wiping them out. It has gained this status through the intervention of PC Drusia Valis, herself a Peregin who fought on the "wrong" side in the Errant War as did Sarine Elle in Errant Story itself, and who, like Sarine, roams the world liquidating real Errants while leaving the healthy half elves -- like those in Snamish -- alone and even protecting them as needed. Drusia, however, goes even further as a protectress of half elves than Sarine, because many of the half elves of Snamish are in fact descended from her. Indeed, fellow PC Sister Rose was married to a half elf from Snamish named Kenny Lucas, whose death while serving in the military devastated Rose (who was there when it happened) and remains a puzzle to his many-times-great-grandmother Drusia.

Snamish is not just part of the backstory of Errant Road, but also part of its future. Drusia has discovered that PCs Lillith and Suriah qualify as "healthy" half elves, and takes them to Snamish to protect them (from nasty Errant-hunter Bauti among others), as well as to, er, diversify the gene pool there. Rose has her own reasons for visiting Snamish, as she's on good terms (apparently following a rocky start) with her in-laws there and hasn't seen them in a long time. As things work out, Lillith finds it not to be her kind of place, following a sad incident with a newborn baby who turned out to be a looming Errant. Suriah, however, has stuck around, and in her place, the group has been traveling with Snamishites Desiree (who happens to be Drusia's daughter) and Eli -- although in the latter case, not without certain issues.

All told, despite the looming specter of Errantcy and some unfortunate social aspects that result, it's a pretty nice place, apparently in contrast to Santuariel, which Ian described in less than flattering terms before he got Anilisized.

Named residents

Listed by family affiliation (if known). Player characters' names are in italics.

  • Benedict Lucas -- Councilman, Kenny's father and therefore Rose's (former) father-in-law
    • Alia Lucas -- daughter of Benedict and Beatrice Lucas, player character
    • Beatrice Lucas -- Benedict's second wife
    • Claire Lucas -- daughter of Benedict and Beatrice Lucas
    • Kenny Lucas -- daughter of Benedict Lucas by his first wife, husband of Sister Rose; deceased
  • Drusia -- elven founder and protectress of the town, player character
    • Desiree -- Drusia's youngest daughter, priestess of Anilis, player character
    • Marius -- Drusia's son, another councilman
  • Eli Haverum -- militiaman, player character
  • Joselene -- random NPC who discovered the body of Robby (see below)
  • Kera Kondriel -- new mother of a child who, unfortunately, may be an Errant
  • Keramid -- Claire's boyfriend (mistakenly called "Kermit" by Sister Rose)
  • Masha -- midwife at an unfortunate birth
  • Pico -- militiaman, sort-of-henchman to Eli
  • Robby -- shepherd, recently deceased, apparently at the hands (or voice) of Wilbur Hamael
  • Samuel -- works at the lake
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