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In the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game, a small town on the west coast of ER:Veracia, notable as the home base and headquarters of the Calfornican sect of the Veracian Church. Needless to say, it doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

PCs Sister Rose, Argus, Lillith, etc., journey here following orders (more or less) that Rose receives from her higher-ups in the Veracian military/church, instructing her to follow, and if possible apprehend, the renegade priest Father Blaise. This brings back all manner of unpleasant memories for Rose, whose husband Kenny Lucas was killed several years before game time in a magical explosion at Frobish Bay south of town. (Fellow PC Desiree, who had also been in love with Kenny at an earlier time, isn't thrilled about the proposition either.) On arrival, the group has all manner of merry adventures at the Calfornican temple, whose rites are rather more ... mellow than those of the Orthodox church. These include a skinny-dipping session with the high priest of the Calfornican church, Father Arnold (the temple grounds feature baths fed by hot springs thought to have medicinal properties, and they're clothes-optional, so no hanky-panky is going on), as well as "special" brownies served by Arnold's main squeeze, nun Sister Nymphaea. Unfortunately, the good times eventually must end, and the party must travel onward to Frobish Bay for an encounter that is painful for Rose and Desiree; spectacularly unsuccessful in running Blaise to ground; and generally a pretty major downer for all concerned.

Worse, while the adventurers are chasing Blaise, Getsemiel itself comes under attack by a powerful airship of uncertain affiliation. This creates a great deal of destruction, and considerable loss of life (including Nymphaea's), in town that the party has to come back and help clean up. The remaining townsfolk are probably happy to see the backs of the adventurers as they continue onward in search of Blaise, so that they can go back to their peaceful lives and herbally-enhanced worship of Luminosita. Such is small-town life when Errant Road player characters show up, apparently.

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