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A non-player character in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. She doesn't exist in the Poe-verse, although she may have a connection to someone who does; see below.

Kim is first encountered as Sister Rose, Argus, etc., travel south from Lorenzel, pausing at an inn outside the ghost town of Leonish for the night. When they leave the next morning and hit the road, they see an impossibly fast-moving human form as a blur at the edge of their vision. A bit of generosity on Rose's part makes contact with this mysterious figure, who turns out to be a teenaged girl, nearly naked and obviously homeless, but with an Ensigerum-like ability to manipulate time and move incredibly rapidly. This is Kim, who joins the party after some cleaning-up by Maduin.

Kim's story begins to emerge as the group travels onward. She had grown up in the old town of Leonish, as a member of a cult of sorts -- the implication is that this may have been the group founded by Correl from Errant Story when he broke away from the Ensigerum, which also included the young nuns Sister Eva and Sister Marilyn at the mission in Kiyoka. Whether it was the same group or not, it suffered the same fate, as the Ensigerum attacked, slaughtered the inhabitants, and burned the village to the ground. Kim survived the carnage somehow and has been living off the land ever since.

She stays with the party for quite some time, her time-ninja skills proving handy on several occasions, and gradually gets over some but not all of her skittishness and lack of knowledge of life in the towns and villages. Eventually she and the party part ways outside Snamish, where she decides to stay in the "front" farm that hides the entrance to the sheltered half-elf town, to act as an early-warning system for the town. We haven't seen her since.

Once she's cleaned up, she bears a striking resemblance to Brad's first wife Annie. This might be expected to cause Brad some discomfort, but he's so busy mooning over Lillith, whom he goes on to marry, that he almost doesn't notice. (Almost but not quite; he does have some negative reaction at first, but he gets over it and resumes his Lillith-worship.)

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