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A minor NPC in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, now among the Living Impaired.

He and his similarly defunct colleague Fritz were a pair of Gewehr low-lives who were part of the organization's effort to establish a presence in the northern Farrel city of Rinkaiel. While they were there, they happened to notice the presence of PC Jamie Porter, against whom certain of the Gewehr harbor a long-standing grudge, for reasons not fully elaborated yet. In their not-very-competent way, they set about to remove this excresence from their adopted community, via a plot involving large quantities of explosives directed against the inn where Ms. Porter and colleagues were staying. Unfortunately, this called them to the attention of PC Marcus, who inflicted a messy, magical termination on the two of them.

The relationship of this pair of yahoos to the main body of the Gewehr is murky. Certainly they had no particular love for PC Layla (who, it must be admitted, is rather a polarizing figure among the Gewehr), and the feeling was mutual. Layla's mother Faye didn't care much for them, either. However, the Sorensens feel, or felt, compelled to do something to avenge their deaths, only to be stopped from doing so by the shadowy Gewehr big shot Peter, who's more than willing to throw the dead bodies under the train for the sake of covering the Gewehr's tracks in town and not making waves. There have been hints that there is rather more to Peter's callousness than meets the eye.

All told, he and his buddy were just the kind of low-level bad guys who typically become meat for the player characters in RPGs. It's a cold, cruel world out there.

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