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Chapter Synopsis: Introduces Sarine, what she does in the current time period, had a husband and was pregnant.
Errant Story Title
Errant Story Ozymandia/Random Idiot Quote
Prologue Cover Sarine | I used to believe...
#1 Sarine, Sarine's Husband - During Errant War | Location unknown
#2 Sarine, Sarine's Husband
#3 Sarine, Sarine's Husband
#4 Sarine - 2 thousand years later | Unknown village
#5 Sarine, Unknown elder
#6 Sarine, Unknown elder - Derren Felmel mentioned, Guzzling Wench (Tavern)
#7 Sarine | Guzzling Wench (Tavern)
#8 Sarine, Derren
#9 Sarine, Derren
#10 Sarine, Derren
#11 Sarine, Derren
#12 Sarine, Derren
#13 Sarine, Derren
#14 Sarine

Chapter 1

Chapter Synopsis: Introduces Meji and Ellis, Meji's overall goal (For now), Finding The Book v1 which'll lead her to Emerylon to find The Book v2. Onward to Saus!
Ch. 1 Cover Meji, Ellis | Psychotic Mage Chick
#16 Meji, Ellis - Meji's Mom, Meji's Grandfather, Prof. Yukiri mentioned | Outside somewhere
#17 Meji, Ellis
#18 Meji, Prof. Yukiri - Fellow students: Rena Doyel, Miki Gatsuki, Kenji Hidomi | Sashi Mu Classroom
#19 Meji, Prof. Yukiri
#20 Meji, Prof. Yukiri - Grandfather mentioned
#21 Meji, Prof.Yukiri - Shiro Hideaki mentioned
#22 Meji, Ellis | Sashi Mu's library
#23 Meji, Ellis - Deus Ex Machina used, Librarian mentioned
#24 Meji, Ellis, Librarian - Ellis punched
#25 Meji, Ellis, Librarian - Reading from the book found on Ellis' head
#26 Meji, Ellis - Reading from the book. Massive info
#27 Meji, Ellis - Veracia 'god' and Meji's mom mentioned.
#28 Meji, Ellis, Librarian - Ellis gets a Force Bolt. Meji's mom mentioned.
#29 Meji, Ellis (Offpanel), Librarian - The Book is a Volume 1
#30 Meji, Ellis - The Book was 'acquired' from the 'Heretic Knowledge Vault' in Veracia. Meji's mom mentioned. PDO OPEN! | Meji's room
#31 Meji, Ellis, Meji's mom's dialogue - Meji's Grandfather mentioned
#32 Meji, Ellis - Warp gate mentioned | Outside Tsuirakushiti Warp gate building
#33 Meji, Ellis | Warp gate room

Chapter 2

Chapter Synopsis: Introduces Sara, Jon and Chris, Chris' goal and Meji meet Chris and Jon. Onward to Emerylon!
Ch. 2 Cover Sara, Jon | Dead Leaves
#34 Warrel - Windmill, unknown location
#35 Warrel
#36 Sara - Group of 5 men, Gewehr.
#37 Sara - Attack begins.
#38 Sara
#39 Sara - Attack over.
#40 Warrel, Sara
#41 Warrel, Sara
#42 Warrel, Sara
#43 Warrel, Sara
#44 Meji, Ellis, Chris, Random Bully | Saus
#45 Meji, Ellis, Chris, Random Bully - Mention of possible slavery in the North
#46 Meji, Ellis, Chris - Crushing of a thug
#47 Meji, Ellis, Chris - Ellis getting lightning bolted
#48 Meji, Ellis, Chris
#49 Meji, Ellis, Chris - Ensigerum and Correl mentioned.
#50 Meji, Ellis, Chris - Ellis gets a Acid Neuter Arrow
#51 Meji, Ellis, Chris
#52 Meji, Ellis - Meji talks about how the Church control magic in Veracia | Forest outside Saus
#53 Meji, Ellis, Saus Guards/Cops
#54 Meji, Ellis, Saus Guards/Cops
#55 Meji, Ellis, Jon
#56 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Saus Guards/Cops
#57 Meji, Jon, Saus Guards/Cops
#58 Meji, Jon, Saus Guards/Cops
#59 Meji, Jon - Ellis (Offpanel)
#60 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Dead Saus Guard/Cop
#61 Meji, Ellis, Jon - Ellis gets 'bitch slappy time' then Fireball'd.
#62 Meji, Ellis, Jon
#63 Meji, Ellis, Jon - Meji explains to Jon her plan for her Senior School Project.
#64 Meji, Ellis, Jon

Chapter 3

Chapter Synopsis: Introduces Ian, Jon's situation, Meji's successful attempt getting into the Vault, Veracian Guards find Meji and Ian. Escape!
Ch. 3 Cover Ian | The Best of Intentions
#65 Meji, Ellis | Plains between Saus and Emerylon
#66 Meji, Jon
#67 Jon
#68 Jon
#69 Meji, Jon - KRAK-DOOOM ^_^
#70 Meji, Ellis, Jon - Obfuscation spell explained
#71 Meji, Ellis, Jon
#72 Ian | Emerylon
#73 Ian
#74 Meji, Ellis, Jon |Near Emerylon
#75 Meji, Ellis, Jon |In Emerylon
#76 Jon, A fellow Gewehr - Gewehr business talk. | Unknown Gewehr building
#77 Jon, Fellow Gewehr - Heavily hinting that Jon killed Val Sennel but botched getaway.
#78 Meji, Ellis | Outside the Vault of Heretic Knowledge in Emerylon
#79 Meji, Ellis
#80 Meji, Ellis, NPC Guards
#81 Meji, Ellis, NPC Guards
#82 Meji, Ellis, NPC Guards
#83 Meji, Ellis
#84 Meji, Ellis | Inside the Vault
#85 Meji, Ellis, Ian
#86 Meji, Ellis, Ian
#87 Meji, Ellis, Ian
#88 Meji, Ellis, Ian - Mention that Ian has a sister
#89 Meji, Ellis, Ian - NPC Guards offpanel
#90 Meji, Ellis, Ian, NPC Guards
#91 Ian, NPC Guards
#92 Meji, Ian, NPC Guards
#93 NPC Guards - Jeramel mentioned
#94 Jon, NPC Guards | Streets of Emerylon

Chapter 4

Chapter Synopsis: What happened to Sarine's husband, Meji and Ian successful escape, Jon joins the party. Ian's monologue about the Races. Onward back to Saus!
Ch. 4 Cover Sarine | Attachments...
#95 Sarine, Sarine's Husband - S's H fighting (half elf?) | During the Errant War, I presume
#96 Sarine, Sarine's Husband
#97 Sarine, Sarine's Husband
#98 Sarine, Sarine's Husband
#99 Sarine, Sarine's Husband - Deathstroke to S's H.
#100 Sarine - Random Bully thrown: Malcolm and James. 'Pottie boy' got squashed' | Back to the present in Emerylon
#101 Sarine - Sarine with hubby for only 8 years out of almost 3 thousand.
#102 Meji, Ian (Disguised), NPC Guards
#103 Meji, Ian (Disguised), NPC Guards
#104 Meji, Ian (Disguised), NPC Guards
#105 Meji, Ian | Outside Emerylon
#106 Meji, Ellis, Ian
#106b Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian
#108 Meji, Jon
#109 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian
#110 Meji, Jon, Ian
#111 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian
#112 Meji, Jon, Ian
#113 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian
#114 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian
#115 Meji, Jon, Ian
#116 Meji, Jon
#117 Meji, Jon
#118 Meji, Jon, Ian - Jon's view on how elves came to be.
#119 Meji, Jon, Ian - Meji's view
#120 Meji, Jon, Ian - Ian's view. Begin monologue
#121 Jon, Ian - Races History
#122 Meji, Jon, Ian - Races History
#123 Meji, Jon, Ian - Races History. End monologue
#124 Sarine, Random Bully | Saus
#125 Sarine, Random Bully
#126 Sarine, Random Bully

Chapter 5

Chapter Synopsis: Fleshing out Ian's reasons, examining The Book v2, Bath time! Back in Saus. Sarine has reinforcements. Battle on!
Ch. 5 Cover Ian | Where Do We Go When We Just Don't Know...
#127 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian - Ian talks about Evelyn | Between Saus and Emerylon again
#128 Meji, Jon, Ian - More Evelyn talk
#129 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian - More Ian about self
#130 Meji, Ian - Ian talking, moving on to Meji
#131 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian - Ian warning Meji
#132 Meji, Ian
#133 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian
#134 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian - Ellis gets KRRRAKK DOOMM'ed
#135 Meji, Ellis
#136 Meji, Ian - Camp time. Reviewing The Book v2.
#137 Meji, Ian - Still reviewing The Book v2.
#137b Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian - Bath time!
#139 Meji, Ellis - Ellis just about gets blasted.
#140 Ian
#141 Meji, Ian - Fans, commence rejoicing!
#142 Meji, Ian
#143 Meji, Ian - End rejoicing!
#144 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian
#145 Meji, Ian, Sarine | Back in Saus
#146 Jon
#147 Jon
#148 Jon, Polly
#149 Jon, Polly
#150 Jon, Polly
#151 Sarine - Summoning the cavalry. Results unexpected.
#152 Sarine, Toren, Elvish Troops - Oh boy! Remenants of the Elven Army!
#153 Sarine, Toren, Elvish Troops - Talk concerning The Book v2
#154 Sarine, Toren, Elvish Troops
#155 Sarine, Toren, Elvish Troops - Elven Military takes over the situation.
#156 Meji, Ian - Down for the count
#157 Jon, Polly

Chapter 6

Chapter Synopsis: The battle in Saus, Meji and Jon escape towards Farrel, Sarine misleads Sarna and follows her own lead.
Ch. 6 Cover Jon | a fork in the road
#158 Ian, Toren, Elvish Troops
#159 Meji, Ian, Toren, Elvish Troops - Sanae injured, Korene healing
#160 Jon, Ian, Toren, Elvish Troops
#161 Jon, Ian, Toren, Elvish Troops
#162 Ian, Toren, Elvish Troops - Saus Battle, BEGIN!
#163 Ian, Toren, Elvish Troops
#164 Ian, Toren, Elvish Troops
#165 Jon, Ian, Toren, Elvish Troops
#166 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian
#167 Meji, Jon, Toren
#168 Jon, Sarine, Elvish Troops
#169 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian, Toren
#170 Sarine, Elvish Troops
#171 Meji, Ellis, Jon | Boat on the ocean between Veracia and Farrel.
#172 Meji, Ellis, Jon
#173 Meji, Ellis, Jon - Sharing old Farrel folk talkes.
#174 Meji, Ellis, Jon - Oh kay.. no real Ellis, but that's his blood on the wall.
#175 Sarine, Shipping Company Guy | Saus
#176 Sarine, Shipping Company Guy - Gewehr connections
#177 Sarine, Shipping Company Guy - To Taberna!
#178 Sarine, Polly, Suzie, Sarna (off panel)
#179 Sarine, Sarna - Smidgeon of info on the relations between the Elves and the Church
#180 Sarine, Polly (offpanel), Suzie, Sarna
#181 Sarine, Sarna

Chapter 7

Chapter Synopsis: Introduces Imperatrix Anita, her views of the Ensigerum, news of the battle in Saus, what happened to Chris, Meji, Jon and Sarine in Taberna now, Sarine joins the party.
Ch. 7 Cover Meji | Travel Sick
#182 Sara, Anita | Somewhere in NE Veracia
#183 Sara, Anita, Paul
#184 Sara, Anita, Paul
#185 Sara, Anita, Paul
#186 Sara, Anita, Paul - Due to the Ensigerum assassinating the Queen of Lorenzal, Veracia get Lorenzal practically w/o bloodshed.
#187 Sara, Anita, Paul
#188 Sara, Anita, Paul - Mention of Chris and Correl
#189 Jon, Mandi |Taberna
#190 Jon, Mandi
#191 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Mandi - Mention of Sarine
#192 Jon, Mandi - Jon is a softy at heart.
#193 Jon, Mandi
#194 Jon, Jon's Mom | Jon's Flashback!
#195 Jon, Jon's Mom
#196 Jon, Jon's Mom, Young Sara
#197 Jon, Sarine (offpanel), Mandi | Back to reality in Taberna
#198 Jon, Sarine
#199 Jon, Sarine
#200 Jon, Sarine
#201 Jon, Sarine
#202 Jon, Sarine
#203 Jon, Sarine - Discussing where The Book v2 is.
#204 Jon, Sarine - Discussing the events of Saus
#205 Jon, Mandi, Sarine - Discussing Jon's next step and Sarine's ethics.
#206 Jon, Sarine - Showing each other's hand.
#207 Jon, Mandi, Sarine
#208 Jon, Sarine
#209 Meji, Ellis
#210 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#211 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Mandi

Chapter 8

Chapter Synopsis: Warp from Taberna to Port Lorrel. Introduces Bani, Rape-kun and related flashback.
Ch. 8 Cover Sarine | Lost in the Distant Horizon
#212 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Mandi
#213 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Mandi
#214 Jon, Sarine, Mandi
#215 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine | Taberna Warp Gate
#216 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#217 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Oops... no Warp gate in Thranel.
#218 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Meji... I'm. A. CAT! *chuckles*
#219 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Warping to Port Lorrel instead.
#220 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Bani | Port Lorrel Warp Gate
#221 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Bani
#222 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Bani
#223 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Bani
#224 Ellis, Jon, Sarine | Port Lorrel Bistro
#225 Jon, Sarine
#226 Jon, Sarine
#227 Bani | Bani/Meji Flashback!
#228 Meji, Bani
#229 Meji, Bani
#230 Meji, Bani
#231 Meji, Bani
#232 Meji, Bani, Rape-kun
#233 Meji, Bani, Rape-kun
#234 Meji, Bani, Rape-kun
#235 Meji, Bani, Rape-kun
#236 Meji, Bani, Rape-kun
#237 Meji, Bani, Rape-kun - Meji's Grandfather and Mom mentioned
#238 Meji, Bani, Rape-kun, Meji's Grandfather
#239 Meji, Bani, Rape-kun, Meji's Grandfather
#239b Meji, Bani, Rape-ku - Meji's Grandfather mentioned
#240 Meji, Bani - Meji's Grandfather mentioned
#241 Meji, Bani | End Flashback!
#242 Meji, Bani - Last of Bani? Guess we'll see.

Chapter 9

Chapter Synopsis: Left Port Lorrel, on foot to Thranel.
Ch. 9 Cover Sarine | Worn Paths
#243 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Jon doesn't like horses | On the road.
#244 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#245 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Ellis gets zapped
#246 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#247 Meji, Ellis, Jon
#248 Jon (Offpanel), Sarine - Fans rejoice, Part II
#249 Jon, Sarine
#250 Jon, Sarine
#251 Jon, Sarine
#251b Jon, Sarine - End Fans rejoice, Part II
#253 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#254 Meji, Jon, Sarine
#255 Meji, Sarine
#256 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Begin Elf/Half Elf monologue.
#257 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#258 Meji, Jon, Sarine

Chapter 10

Chapter Synopsis: Mega monologue by Sarine about the history of the Elves, Humans and Half Elves.
Ch. 10 Cover Elvish city | Antique Lands
#259 Elven golden age. Gods & Paedagogusi gone. War between the elves squashed. Dwarves gone for centuries. Trolls pushed into mtns and deserts between Dwarven and Elven lands. Humans serve the Elves.
#260 Rinkai had favorable relations w/ Dwarves. Dwarves 1st race created. Rinkai send expedition to find check up on the Dwarves. Find Humans instead, mistake for Trolls
#261 Elves dazzle Humans. For Humans' protection from Trolls and more studying, Elves get them to move into Elven lands. Some Elvish factions want Humans dead before becoming nuisance like Trolls.
#262 Teaching humans, source of laborers, and the beneficial benefits for both races. Oh, and then the first Half Elf is born.
#263 Blame the Rinkai for that.
#264 Overwhelming number of Half Elves. Temporary ban on intercourse between Elves and Humans. Half Elves appear to be... perfect. Fixing the Gods' mistakes.
#265 Elf/Human pairings encouraged. Elves focus on Half Elves, Humans put into more of manual labor role. Or trained by the Viradior (Elven SFs/Royal Guards) and used as gladiators and Duelists. Lazy elves.
#266 Explaination on how Elven 'love' works. Humans had to 'grace' to die before newness wore off and having assured chance of having child.
#267 Sizable portion of Elven population still finds sex w/ Humans disgusting. Decades pass. Half Elves prefer Elvish/Half Elvish company over Humans. Half Elves due to actual Elf/Human pairs drop to small percentage of births. Complications due to Half Elves being seen. Human mothers have greater risk of complications carrying baby to term.
#268 Small percentage of Half Elves born have physical defects. Psychological problems. Majority of Half Elves resistant to magical. Physical or Mental defective Half Elves labeled 'errants'. Number of errants per generation rises.
#269 Percentage being born w/ defects willing to be overlooked for accomplishments of Half Elves. New city designed by Elves, Half Elves and Humans to be testament of greatness between the 3 races. A true Half Elf city. New info about Elves comes to light.
#270 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Still a small minority of Elves very much worshiping the Gods.
#271 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine- Minority been trying to gain power, preaching against mating with Humans, that the Gods never intended it or if Humans even created by the Gods, that Humans no better then Trolls, Gods shall punish. No one payed any attention to them till Malacia.
#272 Kiyan - Malacia - Rinkai capital. Kiyan Nizami, considered strongest Half Elf mage if not the strongest mage, snaps and damages Malacia to cause it to sink.
#273 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Errant disturbances gain more notice now then ever. Religous extremis minority gains supports. Year later, new city disappears at end of first phase of construction. Half Elves blamed.
#274 What to do w/ Errants become chief concern. Extremists gain steam and everything escalates from there. Civil War.
#275 War starts off 'somewhat organized and polite'. Drags on for decades, eventually turns to Elf vs Half Elf. Genocide.
#276 Centuries of war pass until no one left to fight. Half Elves dead and scattered wherever, Elves blame Humans and tosses them back into the wilds. Elves gather in only remaining major city and erect magical barrier around surrounding lands, closed off for next 1500 years.
#277 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Veracia send Luminosita to knock down barrier and Elves forced back into the world.

Chapter 11

Chapter Synopsis: More about how Sara and Chris are doing (IE: Alive and well). Imperatrix Anita 'negotiates' with Patriarch Jeramel for help to get rid of the Gewehr. Elf s3xx0rs.

Ch. 11 Cover Anita | Half Sunk
#278 Sara, Chris | Ensigerum Village - A sparring match ...
#279 Sara, Chris - ...with a very clear winner and loser
#280 Sara, Chris, Warrel, Paul - Paul is not pleased...
#281 Sara, Chris, Warrel, Paul - ... but Warrel doesn't really care.
#282 Sara, Chris, Warrel, Paul - Oh, that naughty Anita!
#283 Anita, Jeramel, NPC Guards | Emerylon - Anita has chutzpah, for sure
#284 Anita, Jeramel, NPC Guards - Anita used to live in Saus
#285 Anita, Jeramel, NPC Guards - Anita establishes who's the big dog in this fight
#286 Anita, Jeramel, NPC Guards - Vault of Heretic Knowledge is a decoy, is not the GOOD vault. Emerylon used to be a Elven capital. Veracia has managed to piss off all neighboring countries.
#287 Anita, Jeramel - Anita wants the Gewehr eliminated and the help of the Church to do it.
#288 Anita, Jeramel - Specifically, the Gewehr's informants within the Church.
#289 Anita, Jeramel - Goodbye, with just a hint of menace. Anita is so subtle...
#290 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine | Back on the road to Thranel - Sarine singing (off key)
#291 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Explaining what was sung about; "too much reminiscing"
#292 Meji, Sarine - Sarine can't sleep
#293 Meji, Sarine - some strangely, painfully motherly behavior
#294 Meji, Sarine, Jon - The ultimate in painful memories comes rushing back to Sarine...
#295 Sarine, Jon - ... worrying Jon.
#296 Sarine, Jon - Jon gets the full brunt of Sarine's Weltschmerz
#297 Sarine, Jon - and on and on
#298 Sarine, Jon - Woah... things HEAT UP.
#299 Ellis - the mighty hunter
#300 Ellis, Sarine, Jon - Fans, enter hysterics now!

Chapter 12

Chapter Synopsis: Party still heading to Thranel, Jon made to forget the Night's events, Flashback of Connel Assassination and Anita's thought on where the Church/Veracia and Ensigerum stand in the world.

Ch. 12 Cover Sarine | Shattered Visage
#301 Meji, Jon, Sarine | Somewhere in Farrel - Still making way to Thranel
#302 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Ellis - get the kid out of the way so the adults can chat
#303 Meji, Jon, Sarine - "Sarine, about what happened last night..."
#304 Jon, Sarine - POFF! Forget spell! Poor Jon.
#305 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Ellis is grossed out, while everyone else gets back to traveling
#306 Jon, Sarine - Morning-after repartee
#307 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - hitting the road
#308 Connel, NPC Guards (incl. Reeve), Unknown male Ensigerum | Somewhere in Veracia - Flashback to Connel's demise
#309 NPC Guards, Anne (in disguise) - she's harmless, you dolt... right...
#310 Unknown male Ensigerum, Anne, Unknown male Gewehr - Danger! Assassin sighted!
#311 Connel, Unknown male Ensigerum, Anne, Unknown male Gewehr - the diversion worked!
#312 Connel, Unknown male Ensigerum, Anne - The monk misses, but Anne doesn't
#313 Connel, Unknown male Ensigerum, Anne - Anne gets mutilated, but it's too late for Connel
#314 Unknown male Ensigerum, Anne, NPC Guards - "OH, HOLY CRAP!"
#315 Unknown male Ensigerum, Anne, NPC Guards - NPC Guards don't stand much of a chance against time-ninjas
#316 Anne - Making her escape, minus a hand -- eeuuwww!
#317 Unknown male Ensigerum, Anne, Unknown male Gewehr - When beating someone up, never forget about the guy with the gun
#318 Anne, Unknown male Gewehr - Mission accomplished (with casualties), but what was that guy?
#319 Anita, Paul | Ensigerum village - So that's why Anita is Imperatrix, and why she's mad; the niceties of dealing with Jeramel
#320 Anita, Paul - Anita's thoughts on Veracia and what the Ensigerum should be doing

Chapter 13

Chapter Synopsis: Finally made it to Thranel. Signs of bandits on way in. Enter Melrin, possible guide -- or not.

Ch. 13 Cover Jon | don't want this
#321 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine | somewhere in Farrel - still heading toward Thranel
#322 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - smoke sighted, not Thranel
#323 Meji, Jon, Sarine - smoke from wagon wreckage
#324 Meji, Jon, Sarine - Jon is seriously ticked off
#325 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Meji is in fine form
#326 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - exchanging professional jibes
#327 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Jon reveals that he knows Sarine messed w/ his memories
#328 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Dennis | Thranel - something odd at the tavern (The Well Traveled Woman?)
#329 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Dennis, bartender - Dennis has a sad history (maybe)
#330 Sarine, Melrin - "Dennis" = Melrin, with sarcasm about wandering elves
#331 Sarine, Melrin - Sarine gets chided about her job
#332 Sarine, Melrin - "meet me out back in five, gorgeous"
#333 Meji, Jon - Meji is having second thoughts, but it's too late
#334 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Melrin - Sarine, exit, stage right!

Chapter 14

Chapter Synopsis: Melrin attacks Sarine. Killed. Something that might be important is in that forest!

Ch. 14 Cover Forest path | Which Yet Survive
#335 Sarine, Melrin | Alley in Thranel - Battle on!
#336 Sarine, Melrin - lots of hacking and slashing over the next few panels ...
#337 Sarine, Melrin
#338 Sarine, Melrin
#339 Sarine, Melrin
#340 Sarine, Melrin
#341 Sarine, Melrin
#342 Sarine, Melrin - ... but she who hacks last, hacks best
#343 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Melrin - Meji doesn't exactly grasp what's going on, reasonably enough
#344 Meji, Jon, Sarine - Back in the Tavern, with Sarine making a disguised entry
#345 Meji, Jon, Sarine - Sarine looks awful; the late Melrin mentioned
#346 Meji, Jon, Sarine - So whatever's in the forest justifies some lawbreaking by Melrin? Interesting...
#347 Jon, Sarine - Magical healing accomplished, so let's get outta here
#348 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Exiting town, with a bit of cattus interruptus

Chapter 15

Chapter Synopsis: Chris learns something about his father's past. Party takes out the bandits in the forest and finds something that they're looking for.
Ch. 15 Cover Sara | That dream where you...
#348b Sara, unidentified infant | Ensigerum Village - Babysitting
#349 Sara, Chris - Chris' technique in chatting up chicks could use some work
#350 Sara, Chris - Starting to fill Chris in on the way things work
#351 Sara, Chris - Chris' Father's past revealed to Chris!
#352 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Sara, Chris - Chris is thunderstruck, just in time for a scene change
#353 Meji, Jon, Sarine | woods outside Thranel - Bandits!
#354 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Hoodwinked!
#355 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Bandit Jim - Captured!
#356 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Jim - On to the interrogation
#357 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Jim - Nothing like a mind-rape to overcome a reluctant snitch
#358 Jon, Sarine, Jim - Jim starts spilling his guts; someone else has been here recently
#359 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Jim - There's nasty stuff in them woods; on to the camp!
#360 Jon, Sarine - At the bandit camp.
#361 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Jim - Magical violence declined in favor of the old-fashioned kind
#362 Sarine, Jon - 3 down, 1 running.
#363 Meji, Jon, Sarine - And 4th down.
#364 Meji, Jon, Sarine - Jon hasn't quite forgotten the morning after the night before
#365 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Bandit Jim - So was that one of those good deeds through multiple acts of violent murder? Blurb on how Law Enforcement works in Farrel
#366 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Bandit Jim - Found it... whatever 'it' is.
#366b Jon, Sarine, Bandit Jim - Sentenced!
#367 Jon, Sarine, Bandit Jim - Dead Jim, to Sarine's annoyance, but Jon is just being economical
#368 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Explaining what the floaty thing is.
#369 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Checking the status log, *BLEET*, then time for some sleep.

Chapter 16

Chapter Synopsis: 1st Mag Field down, 2nd encountered and broken. Platform? Portal! With some Paedagogusi on the other side.
Ch. 16 Cover Jon | Stamped On These Lifeless Things
#370 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#371 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Feel wh... !?
#372 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Field #2
#373 Meji, Jon, Sarine
#374 Meji, Ellis, Jon - Shinys!
#375 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#376 Meji, Ellis - /play Sprach Zarathustra
#377 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Unknown platform.
#378 Meji, Jon, Sarine - Woah... portal.
#379 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - When in doubt, throw Ellis at it.
#380 Meji, Jon, Sarine | Location: Pocket Dimension? Contents: One really big glowy tree.
#381 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#382 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii - Paedagogusi

Chapter 17

Chapter Synopsis: Meeting w/ the Paedigogusi, someone beat the Party to the Goddess, the Goddess is gone! Not to mention the return of Ian.
Ch. 17 Cover Nookie, Kawaii | Expectations
#383 Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii - 'Because it's funny when they jiggle!' -_-;;
#384 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii
#385 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawii - Secret rest home of Anilis. Sleeping! Really!
#386 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii
#387 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii
#388 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii - Lord Cap'n Xander Kittysnoggins and Empress Zenraoshi! And someone else, apparently.
#389 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii
#390 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#391 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#392 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#393 Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Sarine tells Jon why he got mind wiped.
#394 Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#395 Meji, Jon, Sarine
#396 Meji, Nookie, Kawaii
#397 Meji, Sarine
#398 Meji, Sarine
#399 Meji, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii - It's empty!?
#400 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii
#401 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii - Kawaii was telling the truth about that other visitor (Half Elf). Party makes it out.
#402 Meji, Ellis, Jon, - Attempt to blow up the portal.
#403 Jon, Sarine - Sarine want the real reason for Meji's trip. | Thranel
#404 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Jon 'fesses up. Hideki mentioned.
#405 Meji - Hideki story continued.
#406 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian, Sarine - Ian is BACK!~
#407 Meji, Jon, Ian, Sarine - Ian whisking Meji away.
#408 Meji, Jon, Ian, Sarine - Bad move, Sarine.
#409 Meji, Jon, Ian, Sarine - Ian makes good with that escape.

Chapter 18

Chapter Synopsis: Flashback to Ian's childhood. Skip back to the Saus fight, Ian finally kills Toren. Finally on his way to our favorite forest outside Thranel. Bandit excursion, Anilis' Resting place, meeting Kawaii. Ian fibs a tale about Lord Cap'n Xander Kittysnoggins, Kawaii eventually sleeps, Ian wanders to the Main Chamber and activates... the goddess?
Ch. 18 Cover Ian, Evelyn | An Interlude...
#410 Ian, Evelyn | Flashback, Ian's past in Santuariel
#411 Ian, Evelyn
#412 Ian, Evelyn - Ian's mom mentioned
#413 Ian, Evelyn, Ian's mom
#414 Ian, Evelyn, Riley, Leah
#415 Ian, Riley, Leah - Evelyn and Ian's mom mentioned | End Flashback
#416 Ian, Toren | Rewind back to where we left Ian and Toren battling in Saus.
#417 Ian, Toren
#418 Ian, Toren - Begin Toren gloating
#419 Ian, Toren - Still gloating
#420 Ian, Toren - Toren gets stabified.
#421 Ian, Toren - Buh-bye Toren~ *waves*
#422 Ian, Toren - Ian: 1, Toren: 0
#423 Ian - Ian mugs another person!
#424 Ian - On to Tsuiraku and other places!
#425 Ian | Forest outside Thranel - Skipping all the boring bits, going straight for the meat!
#426 Ian, Bandits - Ian trying to get to the portal and meets the local Bandits.
#427 Ian, Bandits - This is a stick-up, see!
#428 Ian, Bandits - Now they're gonna get.
#429 Ian - Ian makes it to the portal, activates, and goes unconscious(/resting?).
#430 Ian, Kawaii - Rude awakening by a... a... wth was that!?
#431 Ian, Kawaii - Lets try that again, shall we?
#432 Ian, Kawaii - Kawaii is totally having her way with Ian. XD
#433 Ian, Kawaii - Hyperactive Kawaii! Entry gained into the Secret Resting Place and comforting fib by Ian.
#434 Ian, Kawaii - Sleepy Kawaii. Ian wanders towards the Center.
#435 Ian - Oops... shouldn't of touched that.
#436 Ian - Giant spiritual pen... err... presumed goddess exiting the whatever it is.
#437 Ian - Ian got done. Now, falling.

Chapter 19

Chapter Synopsis: Jon heads off on his own to go back to Emerylon, leaving Sarine to head back to the Elven Territories.
Ch. 19 Cover Sarine | burden in my hand
#438 Padre, Gewehr Cell Leader | Unknown Location - Finally! The conflict between the Gewehr Wraiths and Ensigerum might just burst into flame soon.
#439 Padre, Ensigerum Contact - Guess the Ensigerum is taking a more direct hand in this then thought.
#440 Padre, Ensigerum Contact, Jon, Sarine (Offpanel) - The Padre reveals a familiar name... and we see Jon leaving
#441 Jon, Sarine - What appears to be a disheveled Sarine questioning what Jon is doing, which is leaving for Emerylon.
#442 Jon, Sarine, Local - Sarine continues to get Jon to continue along with her, which isn't working.
#443 Jon, Sarine, Local - And away Jon goes. Say, where's Ellis?
#444 Jon, Ellis - Surprise! Ellis stowaways in Jon's bag, which bursting out of didn't help the goodwill the Local was offering Jon. Close to Lorrel...
#445 Jon, Ellis, Tsuiraku Guard - Jon tries to hand off Ellis to a Tsuiraku Military Guard (Probably the same guard seen in #222) to hand off to Bani.
#446 Jon, Ellis, Tsuiraku Guard - Who isn't there... and has transferred back to Tsuiraku. Guess Jon is stuck with Ellis, since he can't just have Ellis go back on his own.
#447 Sarine | Location Unknown - Sarine makes use of a Warp Gate to go home. Wherever that is.
#448 Sarine | The Elven Territories - Sarine is several miles from Praenublus Astu with something coming up behind her...
#449 Sarine, Female Elven Soldier - Under attack?

Chapter 20

Chapter synopsis: Sarine survives the sneak attack (without killing her friend Misa), confronts the elven council, and escapes with her skin and a bad feeling about it all

Ch. 20 Cover Sarine (au naturel) | Home again, home again ...
#450 Sarine, elven soldier | somewhere near Praenubilus Astu - Sarine counterattacks violently
#451 Sarine, elven soldier - that's not any old soldier, that's Misa!
#452 Sarine, Misa - serious scolding going on
#453 Sarine, Misa - why Sarine is in a bad mood; small favor needed
#454 Sarine, Misa | Praenubilus Astu - a friend in need, but what Sarine wants is just "out"
#455 Sarine, elven guard - chutzpah opens many doors
interlude Poe and Impy taking a day off for a con
#456 Sarine, elven council - Sarine wants an explanation but gets condescension instead
#457 Sarine, elven council - so what, exactly, are your motives, Peregin?
#458 Sarine, elven council - a small religious discussion, more or less
#459 Sarine, elven council - too bad about Melrin, but elves outside the city must be crazy, right, Sarine?
#460 Sarine, elven council - the impenetrable has been penetrated, outrageously!
#461 Sarine, elven council - a blasphemous idea, and only a slight fib from Sarine
#462 Sarine, mental images of Jon/Meji/Ian - colorful memories and a dig at the elven regular army
#463 Sarine, elven council - Sarine escapes the chambers of the mighty in one piece, whew!
#464 Sarine, Renane (elven scribe) - a bit of quiet intelligence gathering

Chapter 21

Chapter synopsis: Sarine rests and recuperates, despite a painful flashback, but declines to take Misa adventuring. Meanwhile, Ian is experiencing a power rush.

Ch. 21 Cover Sarine | Flying Away
#465 Sarine, Sarine's husband, others | a birthing room somewhere - Sarine is in labor, and worried
#466 Sarine, Sarine's husband, others - a merciful lie isn't fooling anyone
#467 Sarine | Praenubilus Astu - Wake up, Sarine, it was just a bad dream (was it ever!)
#468 Sarine, Misa - relieved to see each other (platonically) and chewing the fat
#469 Sarine, Misa - the Great Houses are a-dither, but Sarine is just exasperated
#470 Sarine, Misa - Sarine fills Misa in, with some slight omissions
#471 Sarine, Misa - Sarine tries to avoid red-shirted-ensign syndrome
#472 Sarine, Misa - sorry, (1400-year-old-) kid: life isn't as cut and dried as you'd like it to be
#473 Ian, Meji | unknown wilderness - Ian's getting better at staying up, so to speak
#474 Ian, Meji - a direct quote: "IAN! Hold up! Dammit, stop this right now!"
#475 Ian, Meji - Meji is nervous, but Ian wants to use his new skills -- for the best, of course
#476 Ian, Meji - mother-like concern? from MEJI??
#477 Ian, Meji - off to save the world, with a tiny bit of ulterior motive

Chapter 22

Chapter synopsis: Sara and Warrel slaughter trolls; Anita and Paul wonder why, then concoct a trial for Sara involving Jon, who's being set up for trouble at Gewehr headquarters

Ch. 22 Cover Sara | Cold Commands
#478 Sara, Warrel, trolls | near the Ensigerum village - round 1 of an uneven fight
#479 Sara, Warrel, trolls - getting more uneven, as Sara shows a new skill
#480 Sara, Warrel, trolls - Ensigerum 1, trolls 0, but why?
#481 Anita, Paul | Ensigerum village - so where did the trolls come from?
#482 Anita, Paul - troll backstory and Ensigerum administrivia
#483 Anita, Paul, Sara (in flashback) - Sara's backstory, and a loyalty test is suggested
#484 Jon, Ellis | Emerylon - Jon threatens to sell Ellis to the needy as a renewable food source
#485 Jon, Ellis, Anne - returning to headquarters to find a new assignment waiting
#486 Jon, Ellis, Anne - Gabriel is displeased, Ellis is splattered, Anne is amused
#487 Jon, Gabriel, unnamed Gewehr wraith - the gig is explained
filler art pertaining to catgirls
#488 Jon, Gabriel, unnamed wraith - Jon is resigned to damnation, Gabriel is just calculating...
#489 Jon, Ellis, unnamed girl - Ellis gets his "magic kitty butt-raising button" pushed
#490 Jon, Ellis, unnamed girl - trading insults is so much fun

Chapter 23

Chapter synopsis: Sara's backstory and relationship with Warrel; the trap springs on Jon and an unexpected elven interloper

2006/08/16 Ch. 23 Cover | Sarine | Killers
08/18 Sara, Anita(?) | various locations - Sara's backstory
08/19 Sara, Chris | various locations - More of Sara's backstory
08/21 Sara, Warrel | Ensigerum village(?) - Emerging from trance
08/23 Sara, Warrel - The mission; Sara's cold, lifeless eyes
08/25 Jon, Ellis | Emerylon(?) - Sizing up the hit
08/28 Jon, Winston Maurel - The mark appears
08/30 Jon, Sarine - Where did she come from?
09/01 Jon, Sarine, Winston Maurel, Ellis - Assassinatus interruptus
09/04 Jon, Sarine, Ellis - Sarine is disturbingly cheerful
09/06 Jon, Sarine - Trying to negotiate a deal, but no way
09/08 Jon, Sarine, Winston Maurel, Warrel - A lancea is revealed
09/11 Winston Maurel, Warrel - Stick save!
09/13 Winston Maurel, Warrel, Jon, Sarine, Sara (offstage) - the jig is up!
09/18 Paul, Anita | Ensigerum village - misgivings

Chapter 24

Chapter synopsis: The big melee; Jon and Sarine get away alive, but just barely, with a captive along for the ride

2006/09/20 Ch. 24 Cover | weapons | If I Ever Get Out Of This World Alive
09/22 Jon | Church in Emerylon - plotting his escape, but where's Sarine?
09/26 Jon, Warrel - firearms didn't work, so time to run...
09/27 Jon, Warrel - will he fall for it?
09/29 Jon, Warrel - first blood, and honors even
10/02 Jon, Warrel, Sarine - gloating gives way to a magical FOOSHHH
10/13 Jon, Warrel, Sarine, Sara - you just can't reason with monks
10/16 Jon, Warrel, Sarine, Sara - brass tacks
10/18 Jon, Sara - sibling rivalry, with one sib more surprised than the other
10/20 Jon, Sarine, Warrel - some trash talking as the time magic kicks in
10/23 Sarine, Warrel - Sarine takes a scary hit, and it's Warrel's turn to talk trash
10/25 Sarine, Warrel - not looking so good for Sarine
10/27 Jon, Sara - must be Mom's fault
10/30 Jon, Sara, Warrel - another stick save, but ...
11/01 Sarine, Warrel, Jon, Sara - the one who strikes the last blow wins, and some brotherly body-slamming
11/03 Jon, Sara, Sarine - "like trying to hold on to a vibrating, greased pig having a seizure"
11/08 Jon, Sara, Sarine - the traditional approach to subdual worked! Jon ponders his reward
11/10 Jon, Sara, Sarine - escaping, but aren't we forgetting something?

Chapter 25

Chapter synopsis: Riley and Leah provoke and escape a bar fight; Meji and Ian fly in; Ian gets some very bad news and goes magically berserk

2006/11/13 Ch. 25 Cover | Riley, Leah | Meanwhile...
11/15 Riley, "Scotty" | Northern Confederacy - Seduction attempt, but what a surprise!
11/17 Riley, Leah, bar rats - Leah breaks up an angry drunken mob gang rape
11/20 Riley, Leah - They've escaped, but Leah's the worse for wear
11/22 Riley, Leah - Leah is much the worse for wear, and Riley is concerned
11/24 Ian, Meji | Near Salvus - Rough landing!
11/27 Ian, Meji - Ian is magically exhausted, Meji is just disgruntled
11/29 Ian, Meji - Meji misses Ellis and is seriously worried about Ian
12/01 Ian, Meji, Riley, Leah (in the distance) - Ian has incredibly good, if punch-drunk, eyes
12/04 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - how to give the inebriated Ian the bad news?
12/06 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Riley: "Is he drunk?" Leah: "It's Ian." Riley: "Is he retarded?"
12/08 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Ian wakes up as Meji tries to explain the inexplicable
12/11 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Chatter, and a flying-wagon ride is declined
12/13 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Trying to gently break some bad news, but Ian flies off the handle (and off the wagon)
12/15 Riley, Leah, Meji, Ian (in the distance) - Meji was telling the truth, remarkably enough
12/18 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji | Santuariel - A big, bad smoking ruin
12/20 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - a frighteningly quiet Ian extracts the story...
01/03 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - an unfortunately timed cough triggers mighty magic
01/05 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - we don't know just what the magic is, but Leah doesn't look like she's enjoying it
01/08 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - enjoying it even less now
01/10 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Leah's alive(?), Riley's furious, Ian just wanted to help; fade to black...

Chapter 26

Chapter synopsis: Ian becomes comfortable with his new, Anilis-enhanced powers and heals a bunch of Errants, but extending his "healing" to his dead sister Evelyn turns out badly

2007/01/12 Ch. 26 Cover | Ian | Nothing Beside Remains
01/15 Ian, Leah | Santuariel - wake up, Ian!
01/17 Ian, Leah - Leah has been healed, but is resentful
01/19 Ian, Leah - Ian has a following, courtesy of Riley
01/22 Meji, Riley, Ian - Riley explains her past, and what's wrong with all the Errants
01/24 Meji, Riley, Ian, Leah - Ian is thinking big, but Leah's dubious
01/26 Ian, Leah, Riley - OK, everybody line up to be healed!
01/29 Leah, Riley - Riley decides she's happy the way she is
01/31 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Ian's still at it, but reaching the point of exhaustion
02/05 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Meji, of all people, becomes the protectress
02/07 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Ian contemplates martyrdom and gets a black eye from Meji
02/09 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Plans for the night, but Ian doesn't look happy
02/12 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Ian wants to see the burials on The Hill
02/14 Riley, Leah, Meji - Poor kids, but Leah is feeling frisky...
02/19 Riley, Leah - It feels so good to be able to run without coughing!
02/21 Ian, Meji | The Hill - "Why did she have to do it?"
02/23 Ian, Meji - Ian rages, and shatters his mother's tombstone
02/26 Riley, Leah - a light in the distance, and did the earth move for you too?
02/28 Ian, Meji - "If I really have all this power..."
03/02 Ian, Meji - Meji tries to talk Ian out of whatever he's planning, but too late
03/05 Ian, Evelyn (sort of) - mission accomplished, in an empty sort of way
03/07 Ian, Evelyn (sort of) - that didn't turn out well at all, did it?
03/09 Ian, Evelyn (sort of) - back where you came from, in pieces...

Chapter 27

Chapter synopsis: Anita and Paul jump to questionable conclusions about the misfiring of the Winston Maurel trap and leave Sara to find her way out of it; Sara vents her resentment at Jon about being abandoned to the orphanage; Sarine goads Sara into joining up with her, Jon and Ellis.

2007/03/12 Ch. 27 Cover | Sara | Out of Reach
03/14 Anita, Paul | Ensigerum village - "Well?"
03/16 Anita, Paul - Starting the dialogue, but gotta humiliate Paul a little first
03/19 Anita, Paul - What's with all the elves?
03/21 Anita, Paul - Time to take out the Gewehr, but what happened to Sara?
03/23 Anita, Paul - Starting to plan some espionage, and too bad about that novice...
03/26 Jon, Sarine, Ellis | Somewhere in Veracia - Please don't put your finger there, Jon
03/28 Jon, Sarine, Ellis, Sara - Sara's on a hunger strike and magically handcuffed
03/30 Jon, Sara - So, little sister, let's talk...
04/02 Jon, Sara - Sara is depressed, Jon is condescending
04/04 Jon, Sara - Jon strikes a serious nerve
04/06 Jon, Sara - Reviewing some past history, contrition optional
04/09 Jon, Sara - Jon actually apologizes, but Sara isn't buying it
04/13 Sara, Sarine - Sara's unleashed, but now what?
04/18 Sara, Sarine - Sarine invites Sara to escape -- or not
04/20 Sara, Sarine - "Fight me," Sara
04/23 Sara, Sarine - An arena has been prepared, as has a little reminder of Sarine's other skills
04/25 Jon, Ellis - A little comic relief from the smartass cat
04/27 Jon, Ellis, Sara, Sarine - En garde!
04/30 Sara, Sarine - The duel commences, the swords flash...
05/02 Sara, Sarine - Sarine does a little trash talking (and interrogation)
05/04 Sara, Sarine - More dueling and trash talking, plus a right to the chops
05/14 Sara, Sarine - Sara shifts into warp drive, but her punch is interrupted by a gunshot
05/16 Sara, Sarine, Jon, Ellis - The girl fight ends as Jon ponders "beovaried annoyances"
05/18 Sara, Sarine, Jon, Ellis - Sara is invited to tag along, but she's perplexed

Chapter 28

Chapter synopsis: Meji returns to Tsuirakushiti, followed by Jon, Sara, Sarine and Ellis; Sarine learns of an impending visit by the elven ambassador and, with some half-truths, persuades Meji's mother to let the party hide Meji for a while; Rarune and an honor guard (death squad?) arrive

2007/05/21 Ch. 28 Cover | Meji | Come Round
05/23 Meji, Leah(?), Evelyn (in pieces), Etsuko (offstage) | Tsuirakushiti - Meji tells Etsuko a long, weird story
05/25 Meji, Etsuko - Cheer up, Meji!
05/28 Meji, Etsuko - Oh, grow up!
05/30 Portal mages, shadowy figures - someone is gating in, but who?
06/01 Jon, Sara, Sarine, Ellis - Ah, that's who it is; mixed feelings about warp gates
06/04 Jon, Sara, Sarine, Ellis, portal mage - Suspicions and an unsuccessful attempt to play dumb
06/06 Jon, Sara, Sarine, portal mage - The Tsuirakuans are still a bit intimidated by elves, and someone special is coming
06/08 Meji's Mom (Miyo), Jon, Sara, Ellis - Unexpected (and not altogether welcome) visitors at Miyo's flat
06/13 Miyo, Jon, Sara, Ellis - Ellis acts like the "monster" that Miyo says he is
06/15 Miyo, Jon, Sara, Ellis, Meji - A reunion and a joke borrowed from Sarine
06/22 Miyo, Jon, Sara, Meji, Sarine, Nanoa - Sarine joins the party
06/25 Miyo, Jon, Sarine, Nanoa - Introductions, a call from grandpa, and Sarine figures something out
06/27 Sara, Ellis, Meji - Trying to make small talk while eating healthy cookies
06/29 Sarine, Jon - The bluff at the warp gate wasn't a bluff; putting Jon in the know
07/02 Sarine, Jon, Miyo, Meji, Sara - Word about Rarune is getting out, and some like it better than others
07/06 Jon, Meji - Meji's desire to see her dad gives way to stark reality
07/09 Sarine, Miyo - Gently, if deceptively, separating Miyo and Meji for a while
07/11 Jon, Meji, Ellis, Sara, Sarine, Miyo, Nanoa - Off to Bani's place to hide, while Miyo primps
07/13 Jon, Meji, Ellis, Sara, Sarine - It's not quite B&E, since Meji knows the combination, but still...
07/16 Meji's grandfather, Miyo, unidentified elves, lots of extras - The distinguished guests have arrived!
07/18 Rarune, Meji's grandfather (offstage), unidentified elves - Rarune's slinging it with both hands

Chapter 29

Chapter synopsis: Ian rains magical destruction on the Veracian Church's main temple in Emerylon; Luminosita is summoned to deal with the attack but is dispelled, causing an energy pulse that reaches all the way to Tsuirakushiti; Ian attempts to extract information from Jeramel and the Church, but is backstabbed, then abducted by a mysterious time-ninja

2007/07/25 Ch. 29 Cover | Ian | Colossal Wreck
07/27 Unidentified Veracians | Emerylon - ZAP!
07/30 Ian - So that's who's casting the lightning bolts, and he looks vaguely crazy
08/01 Ian, NPC Guards - now he's inside the temple walls
08/03 Ian, Jeramel, nun, Sandel (? -- unidentified), others - Magical defenses and a demand for information
08/06 Jeramel, nun, Sandel (still unidentified), others - Luminosita has been summoned, is that OK?
08/08 Ian, Luminosita - An aerial battle is about to begin
08/10 Ian, Luminosita - Quasi-divine posturing and a quiet "Dispel"
08/13 Ian, Luminosita - You thought the previous ZAP was impressive? Just look at this one
08/15 Jeramel, nun, Sandel(?), NPC guards, others - Aargh! Where did Luminosita go? They can't do that!
08/17 random Veracians - Something's stirring in the ruins
08/20 Jeramel, others, Ian - Ian's dropping in for a chat
08/22 Jeramel, nun, others, Ian - Setting up one last wave of defenses
08/24 Ian, priests, Jeramel, nun - Priestly magic backfires badly
08/27 Ian, Jeramel, nun - A powerful touch and an unexpected demand
08/29 Ian, Jeramel - Questions about the elves are nothing to laugh about
09/07 Ian, guard captain, Sandel - Backstab, but the stabber takes a magical hit too
09/10 Sandel, Ian - Scooping the kid up to go meet a VIP, rapidly
09/12 Tsuirakushiti | Jon, Sarine, Bani's dad - WTF was that??
09/14 Jon, Sarine, Bani's dad - Pleasantries of a sort, and a realization that Ian Did It

Chapter 30

Chapter synopsis: Meji hatches an ill-conceived plan to see her father, but is Errant-napped; Miyo gets dumped on, then roaring drunk; first Sarine, Jon and Sara, then an elven party visit Miyo's place; sneak attack on elven muscle extracts information on what's happened to Meji

2007/09/17 Ch. 30 Cover | Meji | Quixotisms
09/19 Meji, Ellis | Tsuirakushiti - moping and mooning
09/21 Meji, Ellis - Meji has an idea (uh, oh...)
09/24 Meji, Ellis, Toshi - Going somewhere? But I thought you were hiding?
09/26 Sarine, Toshi, Bani's mom (photograph only) - family lore, then alarm
09/28 Sarine, Toshi, Meji, Ellis - interrupting a fantasy to start a rescue; scene changes
10/01 Ellis, Locke, other cats - FwF filler art
10/03 Meji, Ellis, unidentified elf - bagged!
10/05 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Nanoa, Miyo - house guests, but nobody seems particularly happy about it
10/08 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Miyo - "I think she's drunk"
10/10 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Nanoa, Miyo, Barin, unnamed elf - MORE house guests? The elves are leaving early, what a shame...
10/12 Jon, Sara, Miyo, Barin, unnamed elf - an obvious fib about Meji, badly received (for all the wrong reasons)
10/15 Jon, Sara, Barin, unnamed elf - Sara's ambush doesn't turn out well
10/17 Jon, Sara, Barin, unnamed elf - magical defense and offense, and what's a Durus Flamma doing here?
10/19 Jon, Sara, Barin, unnamed elf, Miyo - Barin starts to smell a rat
10/22 Jon, Sara, unnamed elf - gut shot!
10/24 Jon, Sara, unnamed elf - Jon in stone-cold killer mode to get some information
10/26 Jon, Sara, unnamed elf - the elf spills his guts (literally)
10/29 Jon, Sara, unnamed elf, Miyo - might want to do something about the dead elf in your bedroom
10/31 Jon, Sarine (off stage) - making (telepathic) contact to decide what to do next
11/02 Ellis, Locke, Rape-kun - more FwF filler art
11/05 Sarine, Jon - starting the rescue, but what did you do up there, Jon?

Chapter 31

Chapter synopsis: Ian wakes up angry and perhaps insane, but is calmed by a sympathetic Anita; Meji and Ellis are jailbirds; Sarine, Jon and Sara start the journey to Praenubilus Astu, with banter on the way but an unfriendly welcome committee at the far end

2007/11/07 Ch. 31 Cover | Ian, Anilis(?) | Candles in the Rain
11/09 Ian, Evelyn, Riley | Santuariel - dreams of childhood, terminated by reality(?)
11/12 Ian, Anilis(?) - from a pleasant dream to a serious nightmare
11/14 Ian, Anilis(?) - the nightmare gets worse
11/16 Ian, Nessie | Ensigerum village - waking up in a really bad mood
11/19 Ian, Nessie, Anita, Eben, Paul - "Eben, give me your pants"
11/21 Ian, Anita, Paul - "Okay, yeah, pants ... pants sound good"; some nice scenery
11/23 Ian, Anita, Paul - Ensigerum backstory, and what's going on, Ian?
11/26 Ian, Anita, Paul, Evelyn - trying to explain, but Paul doesn't like Ian's answers
11/28 Ian, Anita, Paul - Paul really doesn't like Ian's answers!
11/30 Ian, Anita, Paul - Anita explains Paul's anger and his roots in Emerylon; the outline of a conspiracy emerges
12/03 Sarine, Jon, Sara | elven travel platform somewhere - Jon sings a weird kids' song; Sarine and Sara find it disturbing, but for different reasons
12/05 Sarine, Jon, Sara - Jon has memories of an odd wedding; Sarine explains the modern travel platform
12/07 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Meji, Ellis | Praenubilus Astu(?) - more travel-platform explanations, then "ZZARRRAK," while Meji and Ellis sing jailhouse blues
12/10 Meji, Ellis, unidentified elf - trying to blast out of jail, but it doesn't work (of course)
12/12 Sarine, Jon, Sara | Elven territories - Jon tries to joke about elven history, but it rings too true
12/14 Sarine, Jon, Sara - Sara made a JOKE?? We're making progress here!
12/17 Sarine, Jon, Sara - Sarine starts to think about how to get into Praenubilus Astu
12/19 Sarine, Jon, Sara - working out the tactics (in a way humiliating to Jon...), but somebody's out there!
12/21 Sarine, Jon, Sara, lots of elves - confrontation, and the good guys are outnumbered

Chapter 32

Chapter synopsis: Sarine talks her way out of trouble and into Praenubilus Astu, while Sara shows her stuff; Ian spars with Anita, gets scolded, and joins the anti-elf alliance; Misa goes fangirl and is asked to do Sarine a favor

2008/01/02 Ch. 32 Cover | Sara | Into the Skyless City
01/04 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Rhee, other elves | somewhere near Praenubilus Astu - Rhee shoots off his mouth, and gets punched, hard, in the nose
01/07 Sarine, Sara, Rhee, Viradior - Sarine tries to stop Sara from doing any more damage
01/11 Sarine, Jon, Viradior - Sarine bluffs, intimidates and confuses the guy in charge
01/14 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Rhee, Viradior - "TAKE YOU DAMN HAND AWAY FROM ME, COW!" is probably not the right thing to say here
01/16 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Viradior, other elves - an invitation to Praenubilus Astu that can't be refused
01/18 Sarine, Jon, Sara, elves - Jon wants to know what's going on, while Sarine looks for Plan B
01/21 Ian, Anita, NPC Guards | Ensigerum village - Ian has reached a decision; Anita is unimpressed
01/23 Ian, Anita, NPC Guards - Ian will play ball; Anita explains why the Ensigerum don't like elves either
01/25 Ian, Anita, NPC Guards - "You want to have a go at it?" gets misinterpreted
01/28 Ian, Anita - so that's what she meant: some sparring!
01/30 Ian, Anita - look out, his eyes are starting to glow...
02/01 Ian, Anita - Anita gets splattered, but not so badly that she can't do some scolding
02/04 Ian, Anita - getting down to brass tacks; the need for some self-discipline
02/06 Ian (in village), Jon, Sarine | Praenubilus Astu - Ian acquiesces, and Jon sees a large, exotic, naked statue
02/08 Sarine, Jon - Sarine recalls a childhood experience, and is thankful the Cimmerii aren't even weirder than they are
02/11 Sarine, Jon, Sara - subtle flattery mixed with discussions of dreaded honeyed punishment virgins and "An Elf Princess in Farrel"
02/13 Sarine, Jon, Sara - more banter; Sara doesn't get it, so Sarine spells it out for her
02/18 Sarine, Jon, Misa - Misa drops in unexpectedly, bearing rumors that happen to be true
02/20 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Misa - Sara has acquired a 1400-year-old admirer!
02/22 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Misa - Sarine has an idea! Misa is enlisted to do a few errands
02/25 Sarine, Jon, Misa - Misa is to retrieve an "Inanire 312" from the "Infensus Vault" (huh?)

Chapter 33

Chapter synopsis: Sarine, Jon and Sara meet the elven council under less than congenial circumstances, while Ian locates Meji telepathically and comes to the rescue; lots of carnage among elven NPC guards; the grand confrontation begins

2008/02/27 Ch. 33 Cover | Sarine | The Blessed and the Damned
02/29 Meji, Ellis, Misa, elven NPC guard | prison in Praenubilus Astu - a secret message from Jon
03/03 Sarine, Misa, Jon, elven NPC guard | consulate - that was quite an experience, wasn't it, Misa?
03/07 Sarine, Misa, Sara - introducing the Inanire 312
03/10 Sarine, Misa, Jon, Sara - shop talk about armor awakens more painful memories in Sarine, of course
03/12 Sarine, Jon, Sara, elven NPC guard | council chambers - Sarine finesses a small security issue involving Jon's gun
03/14 Sarine, Jon, Sara, elves, Ian | Ensigerum village - interview about to start, while Ian levitates inverted in his own temporary quarters
03/17 Ian, Chris - Ian's trying to "find" someone magically, but has his concentration broken
03/19 Ian, Chris - a friendly chat, magical weirdness, back to work
03/21 Meji, Ellis, Ian (telepathically) | prison in Praenubilus Astu - telepathic contact established!
03/26 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Sarine's mom(?), elven mucky-mucks | council chambers - exchanging pleasantries before getting down to the matter at hand
03/28 Meji, Ellis, Ian | prison in Praenubilus Astu, Ensigerum village - you're WHERE??
03/31 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Nisotta, Rarune, elven mucky-mucks | council chambers - news of the attack on Emerylon, and mention of a diplomatic incident
04/02 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Nisotta, Sarine's mom(?), elven mucky-mucks - tit for tat, mama begins to figure out what her kid has been up to, and more innuendo
04/04 Meji, Ian, Chris | prison in Praenubilus Astu, Ensigerum village - yes, Chris, you're probably going to get yelled at, but it really isn't your fault
04/07 Sarine, Jon, elven mucky-mucks | council chambers - an increasingly testy exchange is interrupted by an unnatural event
04/09 Meji, Ellis, Ian | prison in Praenubilus Astu - Ian to the rescue, with a splattered guard
04/11 Meji, Ellis, Ian, elven NPC guard - "You're getting elf gore on my coat!"
04/14 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Nisotta, Yenhael, elven mucky-mucks | council chambers - Jon and Sarine figure it out, and yeah, this would be a good time to vanish quietly
04/16 Meji, Ellis, Ian | somewhere in Praenubilus Astu - starting to escape, but where's Jon?
04/18 Meji, Ellis, Ian, elven NPC guards - the escape is interrupted by a Disruption attack, but it doesn't work so well
04/21 Meji, Ellis, Ian, elven NPC guards - elven body parts flying everywhere, and Ian's beginning to become OK with enjoying it
04/23 Meji, Ellis, Ian, lots of elves - crunch time!
04/25 Meji, Ellis, Ian, unidentified elven officer - first an ultimatum, then defiance, and then a honker of a cliff-hanger...

Chapter 34

Chapter synopsis: Extended, violent, but ultimately inconclusive battle between the Anilis-possessed Ian and the elves; Meji links up with Sarine, Jon and Sara

2008/06/06 Ch. 34 Cover | Nisotta | Ashes and Dust
06/09 Ian, Meji, elves | Praenubilus Astu - Meji screams, the world listens, but Ian doesn't
06/11 Nisotta, elven lieutenant, other elves - status report (not good) and the next wave of combat
06/13 Ian, Gilliam, Nisotta (off stage) - Viradior ambush coming up, for all the good it'll do
06/16 Ian, Meji, Gilliam - Meji does her little bit to help, and Ian appreciates it
06/18 Ian, Meji, Gilliam(?) - Ian's starting to get into this elf-bashing thing
06/20 Ian, Meji, elves - Meji: "Ian, you go batshit crazy every time you try this stuff!" An Inanire 312 is deployed
06/23 Ian, Meji, Ellis, elves - the Inanire 312 works (sort of)
06/25 Ian, Nisotta, elves - particularly large explosion as the elves counterattack
06/27 Sarine, Jon, Sara - why are we running toward, not away from, the big explosion, Sarine? Sara is suspicious of her borrowed sword
06/30 Ian, Nisotta(?), elves - Ian doesn't look so good, but he's still moving
07/02 Ian, Nisotta(?), elves - surely that wound must be fatal ... mustn't it?
07/04 Ian, elves - fatal for someone, yes, but not Ian ...
07/07 Ian, elves - RAAAGGGHH!
07/09 Nisotta, Sarine, Jon, Sara, elves - Inanire 312s just buy time, but that's better than nothing; unexpected (and unwanted) reinforcements arrive
07/11 Nisotta, Sarine, Jon, Meji, Ellis, elves - Meji has been found, and yes, Ellis, you "helped"
07/14 Nisotta, Sarine, Jon, Sara - Sarine is bossing people around (of course) while Nisotta tries to reason with her
07/16 Nisotta, Sarine - painful as it is, Sarine realizes that Nisotta is making sense and understands her view of Errants; nobody is happy
07/18 Ian, elves - the Inanire 312 doesn't work this time, but...
07/21 Nisotta, elven lieutenant, Ian - this Inanire 312 works!
07/23 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Meji, Ellis, elf - Sarine is dejected, Meji is hacked up but will live; "cat, we're trying to be somber here"
07/25 Ian, Nisotta, elves - So close, but we have lift-off!

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