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Chapter synopsis: The big melee; Jon and Sarine get away alive, but just barely, with a captive along for the ride

2006/09/20 Ch. 24 Cover | weapons | If I Ever Get Out Of This World Alive
09/22 Jon | Church in Emerylon - plotting his escape, but where's Sarine?
09/26 Jon, Warrel - firearms didn't work, so time to run...
09/27 Jon, Warrel - will he fall for it?
09/29 Jon, Warrel - first blood, and honors even
10/02 Jon, Warrel, Sarine - gloating gives way to a magical FOOSHHH
10/13 Jon, Warrel, Sarine, Sara - you just can't reason with monks
10/16 Jon, Warrel, Sarine, Sara - brass tacks
10/18 Jon, Sara - sibling rivalry, with one sib more surprised than the other
10/20 Jon, Sarine, Warrel - some trash talking as the time magic kicks in
10/23 Sarine, Warrel - Sarine takes a scary hit, and it's Warrel's turn to talk trash
10/25 Sarine, Warrel - not looking so good for Sarine
10/27 Jon, Sara - must be Mom's fault
10/30 Jon, Sara, Warrel - another stick save, but ...
11/01 Sarine, Warrel, Jon, Sara - the one who strikes the last blow wins, and some brotherly body-slamming
11/03 Jon, Sara, Sarine - "like trying to hold on to a vibrating, greased pig having a seizure"
11/08 Jon, Sara, Sarine - the traditional approach to subdual worked! Jon ponders his reward
11/10 Jon, Sara, Sarine - escaping, but aren't we forgetting something?

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