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Chapter Synopsis: Mega-monologue by Sarine about the history of the Elves, Humans and Half Elves.
Ch. 10 Cover Elvish city, somewhere | Antique Lands
#259 Elven golden age. Gods & Paedagogusi gone. War between the elves squashed. Dwarves gone for centuries. Trolls pushed into mtns and deserts between Dwarven and Elven lands. Humans serve the Elves.
#260 Rinkai had favorable relations w/ Dwarves. Dwarves 1st race created. Rinkai send expedition to find check up on the Dwarves. Find Humans instead, mistake for Trolls
#261 Elves dazzle Humans. For Humans' protection from Trolls and more studying, Elves get them to move into Elven lands. Some Elvish factions want Humans dead before becoming nuisance like Trolls.
#262 Teaching humans, source of laborers, and the beneficial benefits for both races. Oh, and then the first Half Elf is born.
#263 Blame the Rinkai for that.
#264 Overwhelming number of Half Elves. Temporary ban on intercourse between Elves and Humans. Half Elves appear to be... perfect. Fixing the Gods' mistakes.
#265 Elf/Human pairings encouraged. Elves focus on Half Elves, Humans put into more of manual labor role. Or trained by the Viradior (Elven SFs/Royal Guards) and used as gladiators and Duelists. Lazy elves.
#266 Explaination on how Elven 'love' works. Humans had to 'grace' to die before newness wore off and having assured chance of having child.
#267 Sizable portion of Elven population still finds sex w/ Humans disgusting. Decades pass. Half Elves prefer Elvish/Half Elvish company over Humans. Half Elves due to actual Elf/Human pairs drop to small percentage of births. Complications due to Half Elves being seen. Human mothers have greater risk of complications carrying baby to term.
#268 Small percentage of Half Elves born have physical defects. Psychological problems. Majority of Half Elves resistant to magical. Physical or Mental defective Half Elves labeled 'errants'. Number of errants per generation rises.
#269 Percentage being born w/ defects willing to be overlooked for accomplishments of Half Elves. New city designed by Elves, Half Elves and Humans to be testament of greatness between the 3 races. A true Half Elf city. New info about Elves comes to light.
#270 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Still a small minority of Elves very much worshiping the Gods.
#271 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine- Minority been trying to gain power, preaching against mating with Humans, that the Gods never intended it or if Humans even created by the Gods, that Humans no better then Trolls, Gods shall punish. No one payed any attention to them till Malacia.
#272 Kiyan - Malacia - Rinkai capital. Kiyan Nizami, considered strongest Half Elf mage if not the strongest mage, snaps and damages Malacia to cause it to sink.
#273 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Errant disturbances gain more notice now then ever. Religous extremis minority gains supports. Year later, new city disappears at end of first phase of construction. Half Elves blamed.
#274 What to do w/ Errants become chief concern. Extremists gain steam and everything escalates from there. Civil War.
#275 War starts off 'somewhat organized and polite'. Drags on for decades, eventually turns to Elf vs Half Elf. Genocide.
#276 Centuries of war pass until no one left to fight. Half Elves dead and scattered wherever, Elves blame Humans and tosses them back into the wilds. Elves gather in only remaining major city and errect magical barrier around surrounding lands, closed off for next 1500 years.
#277 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Veracia send Luminosita to knock down barrier and Elves forced back into the world.

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