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Chapter Synopsis: Finally made it to Thranel. Signs of bandits on way in. Enter Melrin, possible guide -- or not.
Ch. 13 Cover Jon | don't want this
#321 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine | somewhere in Farrel - still heading toward Thranel
#322 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - smoke sighted, not Thranel
#323 Meji, Jon, Sarine - smoke from wagon wreckage
#324 Meji, Jon, Sarine - Jon is seriously ticked off
#325 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Meji is in fine form
#326 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - exchanging professional jibes
#327 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Jon reveals that he knows Sarine messed w/ his memories.
#328 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Dennis | Thranel - something odd at the tavern (The Well Traveled Woman?)
#329 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Dennis, bartender - Dennis has a sad history (maybe)
#330 Sarine, Melrin - "Dennis" = Melrin, with sarcasm about wandering elves
#331 Sarine, Melrin - Sarine gets chided about her job
#332 Sarine, Melrin - "meet me out back in five, gorgeous"
#333 Meji, Jon - Meji is having second thoughts, but it's too late
#334 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Melrin - Sarine, exit, stage right!

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