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Chapter Synopsis: Introduces Imperatrix Anita, her views of the Ensigerum, the new of the battle in Saus, what happened to Chris, Meji, Jon and Sarine in Taberna now, Sarine joins the party.
Ch. 7 Cover Meji | Travel Sick
#182 Sara, Anita | Somewhere in NE Veracia - time for a workout
#183 Sara, Anita, Paul - the workout begins, at a very fast pace
#184 Sara, Anita, Paul - an interruption as the bodies fly
#185 Sara, Anita, Paul - news of the Saus fiasco has made it to the Ensigerum village
#186 Sara, Anita, Paul - due to the Ensigerum assassinating the Queen of Lorenzel, Veracia got Lorenzel practically w/o bloodshed
#187 Sara, Anita, Paul - monks ain't what they used to be, and news of a late-night visitor
#188 Sara, Anita, Paul - mention of Chris and Correl
#189 Jon, Mandi | Taberna - an empty tavern and a voice from the past
#190 Jon, Mandi - not exactly a treasured family property we're talking about here
#191 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Mandi - mention of Sarine
#192 Jon, Mandi - Jon totally is a softy at heart.
#193 Jon, Mandi - so Jon's soft spot for anything with a pair of ovaries relates to his sister?
#194 Jon, Jon's Mom | somewhere in Farrel - Jon's Flashback!
#195 Jon, Jon's Mom - not exactly a warm and loving family dynamic we're talking about here...
#196 Jon, Jon's Mom, young Sara - little sis gets to see Jon thrown out of the house
#197 Jon, Sarine (offpanel), Mandi | Taberna - Back to reality, and an offer of help from an unexpected source
#198 Jon, Sarine - the first of many, many rounds of verbal sparring between these two
#199 Jon, Sarine - Jon may have picked the wrong moment to brag about offing elves
#200 Jon, Sarine - an ELF!
#201 Jon, Sarine - Sarine calmly disarms Jon and introduces herself
#202 Jon, Sarine - Sarine wants to help ... right ...
#203 Jon, Sarine - discussing where The Book v2 is
#204 Jon, Sarine - discussing the events of Saus
#205 Jon, Mandi, Sarine - Jon's next step and Sarine's ethics
#206 Jon, Sarine - showing each other's hand
#207 Jon, Mandi, Sarine - Jon isn't anxious to re-connect with Ian
#208 Jon, Sarine - Jon still isn't convinced Sarine won't kill him
#209 Meji, Ellis - a joke won't cheer Meji up; Ian was probably gay anyway...
#210 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Meji, meet Sarine; Sarine, Meji
#211 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Mandi - glad to meet you ... NOT.

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