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Chapter synopsis: Sara and Warrel slaughter trolls; Anita and Paul wonder why, then concoct a trial for Sara involving Jon, who's being set up for trouble at Gewehr headquarters

Ch. 22 Cover Sara | Cold Commands
#478 Sara, Warrel, trolls | near the Ensigerum village - round 1 of an uneven fight
#479 Sara, Warrel, trolls - getting more uneven, as Sara shows a new skill
#480 Sara, Warrel, trolls - Ensigerum 1, trolls 0, but why?
#481 Anita, Paul | Ensigerum village - so where did the trolls come from?
#482 Anita, Paul - troll backstory and Ensigerum administrivia
#483 Anita, Paul, Sara (in flashback) - Sara's backstory, and a loyalty test is suggested
#484 Jon, Ellis | Emerylon - Jon threatens to sell Ellis to the needy as a renewable food source
#485 Jon, Ellis, Anne - returning to headquarters to find a new assignment waiting
#486 Jon, Ellis, Anne - Gabriel is displeased, Ellis is splattered, Anne is amused
#487 Jon, Gabriel, unnamed Gewehr wraith - the gig is explained
filler art pertaining to catgirls
#488 Jon, Gabriel, unnamed wraith - Jon is resigned to damnation, Gabriel is just calculating...
#489 Jon, Ellis, unnamed girl - Ellis gets his "magic kitty butt-raising button" pushed
#490 Jon, Ellis, unnamed girl - trading insults is so much fun

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