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Chapter Synopsis: More about how Sara and Chris are doing (IE: Alive and well). Imperatrix Anita 'negotiates' with Patriarch Jeramel for help to get rid of the Gewehr. Elf s3xx0rs.
Ch. 11 Cover Anita | Half Sunk
#278 Sara, Chris | Ensigerum Village - A sparring match ...
#279 Sara, Chris - ...with a very clear winner and loser
#280 Sara, Chris, Warrel, Paul - Paul is not pleased...
#281 Sara, Chris, Warrel, Paul - ... but Warrel doesn't really care.
#282 Sara, Chris, Warrel, Paul - Oh, that naughty Anita!
#283 Anita, Jeramel, NPC Guards | Emerylon - Anita has chutzpah, for sure
#284 Anita, Jeramel, NPC Guards - Anita used to live in Saus
#285 Anita, Jeramel, NPC Guards - Anita establishes who's the big dog in this fight
#286 Anita, Jeramel, NPC Guards - Vault of Heretic Knowledge is a decoy, is not the GOOD vault. Emerylon used to be a Elven capital. Veracia has managed to piss off all neighboring countries.
#287 Anita, Jeramel - Anita wants the Gewehr eliminated and the help of the Church to do it.
#288 Anita, Jeramel - Specifically, the Gewehr's informants within the Church.
#289 Anita, Jeramel - Goodbye, with just a hint of menace. Anita is so subtle...
#290 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine | Back on the road to Thranel - Sarine singing (off key)
#291 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Explaining what was sung about; "too much reminiscing"
#292 Meji, Sarine - Sarine can't sleep
#293 Meji, Sarine - some strangely, painfully motherly behavior
#294 Meji, Sarine, Jon - The ultimate in painful memories comes rushing back to Sarine...
#295 Sarine, Jon - ... worrying Jon.
#296 Sarine, Jon - Jon gets the full brunt of Sarine's Weltschmerz
#297 Sarine, Jon - and on and on
#298 Sarine, Jon - Woah... things HEAT UP.
#299 Ellis - the mighty hunter
#300 Ellis, Sarine, Jon - Fans, enter hysterics now!

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