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Chapter Synopsis: Introduces Meji and Ellis, Meji's overall goal (For now), Finding The Book v1 which'll lead her to Emerylon to find The Book v2. Onward to Saus!
Ch. 1 Cover Meji, Ellis | Psychotic Mage Chick
#16 Meji, Ellis - Meji's Mom, Meji's Grandfather, Prof. Yukiri mentioned | Outside somewhere
#17 Meji, Ellis
#18 Meji, Prof. Yukiri - Fellow students: Rena Doyel, Miki Gatsuki, Kenji Hidomi | Sashi Mu Classroom
#19 Meji, Prof. Yukiri
#20 Meji, Prof. Yukiri - Grandfather mentioned
#21 Meji, Prof.Yukiri - Shiro Hideaki mentioned
#22 Meji, Ellis | Sashi Mu's library
#23 Meji, Ellis - Deus Ex Machina used, Librarian mentioned
#24 Meji, Ellis, Librarian - Ellis punched
#25 Meji, Ellis, Librarian - Reading from the book found on Ellis' head
#26 Meji, Ellis - Reading from the book. Massive info
#27 Meji, Ellis - Veracia 'god' and Meji's mom mentioned.
#28 Meji, Ellis, Librarian - Ellis gets a Force Bolt. Meji's mom mentioned.
#29 Meji, Ellis (Offpanel), Librarian - The Book is a Volume 1
#30 Meji, Ellis - The Book was 'acquired' from the 'Heretic Knowledge Vault' in Veracia. Meji's mom mentioned. PDO OPEN! | Meji's room
#31 Meji, Ellis, Meji's mom's dialogue - Meji's Grandfather mentioned
#32 Meji, Ellis - Warp gate mentioned | Outside Tsuirakushiti Warp gate building
#33 Meji, Ellis | Warp gate room

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