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Chapter Synopsis: Chris learns something about his father's past. Party takes out the bandits in the forest and finds something that they're looking for.
Ch. 15 Cover Sara | That dream where you...
#348b Sara, unidentified infant | Ensigerum Village - Babysitting
#349 Sara, Chris - Chris' technique in chatting up chicks could use some work
#350 Sara, Chris - Starting to fill Chris in on the way things work
#351 Sara, Chris - Chris' Father's past revealed to Chris!
#352 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Sara, Chris - Chris is thunderstruck, just in time for a scene change
#353 Meji, Jon, Sarine | woods outside Thranel - Bandits!
#354 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Hoodwinked!
#355 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Bandit Jim - Captured!
#356 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Jim - On to the interrogation
#357 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Jim - Nothing like a mind-rape to overcome a reluctant snitch
#358 Jon, Sarine, Jim - Jim starts spilling his guts; someone else has been here recently
#359 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Jim - There's nasty stuff in them woods; on to the camp!
#360 Jon, Sarine - At the bandit camp.
#361 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Jim - Magical violence declined in favor of the old-fashioned kind
#362 Sarine, Jon - 3 down, 1 running.
#363 Meji, Jon, Sarine - And 4th down.
#364 Meji, Jon, Sarine - Jon hasn't quite forgotten the morning after the night before
#365 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Bandit Jim - So was that one of those good deeds through multiple acts of violent murder? Blurb on how Law Enforcement works in Farrel
#366 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Bandit Jim - Found it... whatever 'it' is.
#366b Jon, Sarine, Bandit Jim - Sentenced!
#367 Jon, Sarine, Bandit Jim - Dead Jim, to Sarine's annoyance, but Jon is just being economical
#368 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Explaining what the floaty thing is.
#369 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Checking the status log, *BLEET*, then time for some sleep.

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