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Chapter synopsis: Meji returns to Tsuirakushiti, followed by Jon, Sara, Sarine and Ellis; Sarine learns of an impending visit by the elven ambassador and, with some half-truths, persuades Meji's mother to let the party hide Meji for a while; Rarune and an honor guard (death squad?) arrive

2007/05/21 Ch. 28 Cover | Meji | Come Round
05/23 Ian, Meji, Leah(?), Evelyn (in pieces), Etsuko (offstage) | Tsuirakushiti - Meji tells Etsuko a long, weird story
05/25 Meji, Etsuko - Cheer up, Meji!
05/28 Meji, Etsuko - Oh, grow up!
05/30 Portal mages, shadowy figures - someone is gating in, but who?
06/01 Jon, Sara, Sarine, Ellis - Ah, that's who it is; mixed feelings about warp gates
06/04 Jon, Sara, Sarine, Ellis, portal mage - Suspicions and an unsuccessful attempt to play dumb
06/06 Jon, Sara, Sarine, portal mage - The Tsuirakuans are still a bit intimidated by elves, and someone special is coming
06/08 Meji's Mom (Miyo), Jon, Sara, Ellis - Unexpected (and not altogether welcome) visitors at Miyo's flat
06/13 Miyo, Jon, Sara, Ellis - Ellis acts like the "monster" that Miyo says he is
06/15 Miyo, Jon, Sara, Ellis, Meji - A reunion and a joke borrowed from Sarine
06/22 Miyo, Jon, Sara, Meji, Sarine, Nanoa - Sarine joins the party
06/25 Miyo, Jon, Sarine, Nanoa - Introductions, a call from grandpa, and Sarine figures something out
06/27 Sara, Ellis, Meji - Trying to make small talk while eating healthy cookies
06/29 Sarine, Jon - The bluff at the warp gate wasn't a bluff; putting Jon in the know
07/02 Sarine, Jon, Miyo, Meji, Sara - Word about Rarune is getting out, and some like it better than others
07/06 Jon, Meji - Meji's desire to see her dad gives way to stark reality
07/09 Sarine, Miyo - Gently, if deceptively, separating Miyo and Meji for a while
07/11 Jon, Meji, Ellis, Sara, Sarine, Miyo, Nanoa - Off to Bani's place to hide, while Miyo primps
07/13 Jon, Meji, Ellis, Sara, Sarine - It's not quite B&E, since Meji knows the combination, but still...
07/16 Meji's grandfather, Miyo, unidentified elves, lots of extras - The distinguished guests have arrived!
07/18 Rarune, Meji's grandfather (offstage), unidentified elves - Rarune's slinging it with both hands

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