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Chapter synopsis: Meji hatches an ill-conceived plan to see her father, but is Errant-napped; Miyo gets dumped on, then roaring drunk; first Sarine, Jon and Sara, then an elven party visit Miyo's place; sneak attack on elven muscle extracts information on what's happened to Meji

2007/09/17 Ch. 30 Cover | Meji | Quixotisms
09/19 Meji, Ellis | Tsuirakushiti - moping and mooning
09/21 Meji, Ellis - Meji has an idea (uh, oh...)
09/24 Meji, Ellis, Toshi - Going somewhere? But I thought you were hiding?
09/26 Sarine, Toshi, Bani's mom (photograph only) - family lore, then alarm
09/28 Sarine, Toshi, Meji, Ellis - interrupting a fantasy to start a rescue; scene changes
10/01 Ellis, Locke, other cats - FwF filler art
10/03 Meji, Ellis, unidentified elf - bagged!
10/05 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Nanoa, Miyo - house guests, but nobody seems particularly happy about it
10/08 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Miyo - "I think she's drunk"
10/10 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Nanoa, Miyo, Barin, unnamed elf - MORE house guests? The elves are leaving early, what a shame...
10/12 Jon, Sara, Miyo, Barin, unnamed elf - an obvious fib about Meji, badly received (for all the wrong reasons)
10/15 Jon, Sara, Barin, unnamed elf - Sara's ambush doesn't turn out well
10/17 Jon, Sara, Barin, unnamed elf - magical defense and offense, and what's a Durus Flamma doing here?
10/19 Jon, Sara, Barin, unnamed elf, Miyo - Barin starts to smell a rat
10/22 Jon, Sara, unnamed elf - gut shot!
10/24 Jon, Sara, unnamed elf - Jon in stone-cold killer mode to get some information
10/26 Jon, Sara, unnamed elf - the elf spills his guts (literally)
10/29 Jon, Sara, unnamed elf, Miyo - might want to do something about the dead elf in your bedroom
10/31 Jon, Sarine (off stage) - making (telepathic) contact to decide what to do next
11/02 Ellis, Locke, Rape-kun - more FwF filler art
11/05 Sarine, Jon - starting the rescue, but what did you do up there, Jon?

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