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Chapter synopsis: Riley and Leah provoke and escape a bar fight; Meji and Ian fly in; Ian gets some very bad news and goes magically berserk

2006/11/13 Ch. 25 Cover | Riley, Leah | Meanwhile...
11/15 Riley, "Scotty" | Northern Confederacy - Seduction attempt, but what a surprise!
11/17 Riley, Leah, bar rats - Leah breaks up an angry drunken mob gang rape
11/20 Riley, Leah - They've escaped, but Leah's the worse for wear
11/22 Riley, Leah - Leah is much the worse for wear, and Riley is concerned
11/24 Ian, Meji | Near Salvus - Rough landing!
11/27 Ian, Meji - Ian is magically exhausted, Meji is just disgruntled
11/29 Ian, Meji - Meji misses Ellis and is seriously worried about Ian
12/01 Ian, Meji, Riley, Leah (in the distance) - Ian has incredibly good, if punch-drunk, eyes
12/04 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - how to give the inebriated Ian the bad news?
12/06 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Riley: "Is he drunk?" Leah: "It's Ian." Riley: "Is he retarded?"
12/08 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Ian wakes up as Meji tries to explain the inexplicable
12/11 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Chatter, and a flying-wagon ride is declined
12/13 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Trying to gently break some bad news, but Ian flies off the handle (and off the wagon)
12/15 Riley, Leah, Meji, Ian (in the distance) - Meji was telling the truth, remarkably enough
12/18 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji | Santuariel - A big, bad smoking ruin
12/20 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - a frighteningly quiet Ian extracts the story...
01/03 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - an unfortunately timed cough triggers mighty magic
01/05 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - we don't know just what the magic is, but Leah doesn't look like she's enjoying it
01/08 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - enjoying it even less now
01/10 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Leah's alive(?), Riley's furious, Ian just wanted to help; fade to black...

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