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Chapter Synopsis: Melrin attacks Sarine. Killed. Something that might be important is in that forest!
Ch. 14 Cover Forest path | Which Yet Survive
#335 Sarine, Melrin | Alley in Thranel - Battle on!
#336 Sarine, Melrin - lots of hacking and slashing over the next few panels ...
#337 Sarine, Melrin
#338 Sarine, Melrin
#339 Sarine, Melrin
#340 Sarine, Melrin
#341 Sarine, Melrin
#342 Sarine, Melrin - ... but she who hacks last, hacks best
#343 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Melrin - Meji doesn't exactly grasp what's going on, reasonably enough
#344 Meji, Jon, Sarine - Back in the Tavern, with Sarine making a disguised entry
#345 Meji, Jon, Sarine - Sarine looks awful; the late Melrin mentioned
#346 Meji, Jon, Sarine - So whatever's in the forest justifies some lawbreaking by Melrin? Interesting...
#347 Jon, Sarine - Magical healing accomplished, so let's get outta here
#348 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Exiting town, with a bit of cattus interruptus

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