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A locale in the Errant Road free-form, on-line role-playing game. In contrast to its equivalent in the Poe-verse, we actually know just a little about it.

Lorenzel, or Fort Lorenzel to give it its full name, is a largish city (at least relatively speaking) in the southern part of Veracia. It appears to be located near the inland end of an estuary that also bears its name. The small town of Ramanzel, notable in the game as the birthplace of the mysteriously missing Father Egbert, is just inland from Lorenzel, along the river that presumably created the estuary -- at least most of the time, as Ramanzel has a most un-village-like habit of getting up and wandering rather than staying put.

Even though relatively little action has occurred there yet, we know a bit about the place, courtesy of some backstory thoughtfully provided by characters such as Mildred Hamael, Brother Miguel and Sister Rose. It is a port city of sorts and hosts a Veracian military unit of unknown capabilities. A force from this unit was going to be dispatched to deal with the Malletarian teleport traps in Centoriel, but there are recent indications that they may have come to a bad end -- at least a mushroom cloud has been sighted just about where they were supposed to be.

It's also known that there is something vaguely unsavory about Lorenzel and its environs. When Miguel and Argus questioned Mildred Hamael about the whereabouts of her brother Egbert, she was clearly uncomfortable talking about the place, and made it clear that she was happy not to be in the vicinity any more. There have been "excavations" at Lorenzel, apparently paralleling, but not necessarily duplicating, the Lorenzel Excavations in the Poe-verse. These are known to contribute to the discomfort the place evokes; apparently the natives aren't friendly to anyone who wants to go poking around in the excavations.

Argus, Miguel, Rose and various others passed through Lorenzel after their disastrous experience "finding" Egbert, there meeting such other curious characters as Drusia Valis and Maduin Lochlear. Rose's subsequent order to retrieve the Artifact of Absonial, whatever it is, and deliver it to the military base in Lorenzel, pretty well guarantees that we're not done with the place.

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