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Brother Farley is an NPC in the Errant Road free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse, as far as we know.

Farley is a young (early twenties) priest at the mission of the Veracian Church in Kiyoka. When first encountered, he's being asked to describe to Argus Cleiviein what he knows of the strange events that caused damage to the mission -- due, as we readers know, to the passage of Lucas Ravanel and his travel-agency clients. He doesn't come off too well in this initial encounter, sounding like a junior version of the prissy music master Brother Jerald. However, as events eventually demonstrate, he's actually pretty well put together, with a certain charisma, capacity for empathy, and cheerfulness. Furthermore, events also show that he does know his music, so he can perhaps be forgiven for looking down his nose at what the congregation was doing that fateful evening.

Farley really comes into his own when he and Argus encounter a young battlemage from the Kiyokan Homeland Security detachment, Corporal Kristi Yugawa, who's been sent to gather evidence pertaining to the death of another Homeland Security battlemage who got squashed (at least his incinerated body did, as he'd already met his demise from a mishandled Yuuki staff) when the mission wall came down. Farley rapidly strikes up a friendship with Kristi that soon blossoms into romance. The two become important eyes and ears as Argus and colleagues investigate the mysterious disappearance of Father Egbert, assistant Abbot at the mission. With the Errant Road scene having changed to Veracia, nothing has been heard directly from Farley and Kristi for some time, but news reaching Argus in the boonies still suggests that they're getting along famously.

Farley has most of the magical skills of any young priest of the Veracian Church, with a few add-ons that are uniquely his own. He's skilled at what he calls "body magic," not merely the Healing skills possessed by most priests, but also some things equivalent to the Iron Skin spell, magical tools for climbing steep surfaces, and so on. He's shorter than average but of muscular build, and works out regularly.

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