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A minor NPC in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game. Needless to say, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. In fact, alas, she no longer exists at all, having joined the unfortunate ranks of the "Living Impaired" as the result of an as-yet unexplained homicide.

Ms. Codoin is (was) apparently an exchange student at the Emerylon University in Emerylon who figures in some of the weirdness involving the late Father Egbert, he who serves as the MacGuffin for much of the early story line of Errant Road. When Egbert goes on the lam from the mission in Kiyoka, for as-yet unclear reasons, he gets out of town via a warp gate that includes Rebekah and her sister Hannah as passengers. This makes her one of the last people to see Egbert before he vanishes into the boonies of southern Veracia, and therefore a person of some interest in what follows. As it turns out, the sisters were apparently sufficiently inebriated at the time (not a good idea when traveling via warp gate) that they didn't have a coherent view of events there, but according to fellow traveler Gordon Grumiel, who unfortunately joined the ranks of the "living impaired" soon afterward, they reported seeing a "ghost" as the gate activated. Later developments suggest that this "ghost" was in fact Egbert, although exactly what he did and how he did it remains unclear.

Information received by Sister Rose and Brother Miguel, by way of a carrier parrot, suggests that Ms. Codoin was the college roommate of the unfortunately deceased Liz Arganial, also an NPC of some significance, if one who met a particularly gruesome end, even by RPG NPC standards. Her studies at the university brought her into contact with a professor of archaeology named Avner Indianel -- with several indications that this "contact" included contact time in bed. When Rose, Argus, etc., go to retrieve the Artifact of Absonial, she's there at the dig outside the town of Gervasiel, helping the good professor.

She makes the sad transition to "Living Impaired" offstage, along with Professor Indianel, as a result of a double murder after the adventurers have left town. At first it is thought that Bryce, formerly a guard at the dig and now a very good friend of PC Maduin Lochlear, may have been the culprit, but his travels with the PC party provide an airtight alibi. It is therefore unclear exactly who did these two in, but it'll probably come up at some point, so stay tuned.

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