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Chapter synopsis: The battle in the far north continues; Meji and the Amraphels defeat the rear guard, while Sarine sadly slays her old friend Sarna, but the party is surprised and captured by the main elven party

2009/05/08 Ch. 40 Cover | Sarine | Detachment
05/11 Elven commander, Elanin, Jon | somewhere up north - The action resumes
05/13 Elven commander, Rainae, Saffor(?) - Rainae tries to get close to the humans...
05/15 Meji, Rainae - ... but is surprised and blinded by spells from Meji
05/17 Meji, Ellis, Rainae - A litterbox-deprived cat is a terrible thing
05/20 Sara, Meji, elven commander, Elanin, Saffor - The elves try to figure out what is going on
05/22 Jon, Sara, Meji, elven commander, Rainae, Elanin, Saffor(?) - A nasty wound inflicted by Jon, but the Binding holds for the moment
05/25 Sara, Meji, Rainae - Meji's Dispel works just in time, and Rainae loses his head to Sara
05/27 Sara, Meji - Of Rainae's detached head: "Oh gross! It bounced!"
05/29 Sara, elven commander, Saffor(?) - Sara is doing well in close combat
06/01 Sarine, Sarna - The one-on-one fight goes on
06/03 Sarine, Sarna - And on and on ...
06/05 Sarine, Sarna - And on and on and on ...
06/08 Sarine, Sarna - The wounds are starting to look serious
06/10 Sarine, Sarna - It looks like Sarine has landed a killing blow, but she doesn't like it
06/12 Sarine, Sarna - Sarine, horrified, tries to revive Sarna
06/15 Jon, Sara, Meji, Sarine (offstage) - The good guys are winning, but what now? Sarine tries to stop the fight
06/17 Jon, Sara, Meji, Ellis, Sarine, Sarna, elves - "Not another damn death, do you hear me!"
06/19 Sarine, Sarna, elven commander - NOT the time to remind Sarine of the old days
06/22 Jon, Sara, Sarine, elves - The main party materializes out of nowhere
06/24 Jon, Sara, Meji, Ellis, Sarine, Elanin, elves - Good guys are in the bag
06/26 Meji, Sarine, elves - Sarine tries to bargain, but the elves aren't buying; take 'em away, with threats from Meji

Note: Errant Commentary installments at the end of the chapter are not included (see separate article).

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